December 5: Just before midnight, labor begins.

December 6: Ruby is born at 5:37am. Six and a half hour labor. Born at Fruitful Vine birth center. At home and resting by 9:30am.

December 7: Ruby latched on and nursed for the first time this morning. Nursing usually last about 15 minutes. Every thing seems great.

December: She would have a bad day here and there, but generally nursed well until she was about 2 weeks old. Nursing for long periods of time and very frequently.

January 20: Hernia appeared.

February 19: Tongue Tie is diagnosed. Nurses what she can, then fed breast milk via bottle

March 14: Hernia repair surgery and tongue tie clipped. Ruby nursed immediately following the surgeries. She becomes exclusively breastfed again.

April 13: Attempted to wean Ruby off the nipple shield by clipping the end of it off.

April 15: Ruby develops tongue blister from clipped shield. Returns to full nipple shield.

May 10: Pediatrician suggests that Ruby isn’t getting enough calories, but is full and spitting up, because her stomach is small from not being able to eat enough early on. Recommends that I feed her until she spits up, wait 5 minutes, then feed her again. This appears to start working, Ruby gains 5 ounces in 4 days.Pediatrician also recommends seeing Debra Beckman (specialist in oral motor skills of nursing infants).

May 25: First appointment with Debra Beckman (specialist in oral motor skills of nursing babies). Given exercises. Ruby immediately begins nursing better.

May 28: Ruby refuses to nurse longer than a few minutes. Discover a sore on her tongue, caused by a crack in nipple shield. Replace shield. Ruby returns to breast and nurses very well for several days.

June 4: Ruby begins nursing strike. Gave her the first bottle of formula.

June 8: Follow-up appointment with Debra Beckman. She made vast improvements, but still has some work to do. Ruby has begun refusing formula.

June 13: First Skype consult with Jennifer Tow.

June 14: Ruby lost weight. She was 9 pounds 1 ounce. Now she is back down to 8 pounds 13 ounces.

June 15: Began making my own formula. Saw Kristen Gartner IBCLC, RN to try the German nipple shield and learn how to use a homemade SNS. Ruby still refuses the breast.

June 16: Began seeing Dr Casey Morris (chiropractor). Ruby begins having daily bowel movements. Tongue was re-clipped by Dr. Sullivan in Gainesville, FL. Ruby goes back to the breast after clipping. But only nurses on occasion.

June 22: Began seeing Bootsy Haas for CST. Only went one time.

June 23: Weight check at Pediatrician. 9 pounds, 9.5 ounces. Ruby is heading back toward the growth curve for the first time!

June 28: Tongue is re- evaluated by Dr. Sullivan and declared to be healed and no more clipping needed. She has good range of motion of tongue and lips. Occupational therapist who works with Dr Sullivan suggested that nursing strike may be due to a strong desire for more stimulus. Suggested more play and interaction before meals.

July 7: Last Weight Check. Ruby weighed 10 pounds, 6.5 ounces.

July 11: First appointment with Dr. Town’s, chiropractor who performs SOT and Vector Points. Adjusted her palate and sacrum.

July 25: Started finger feeding Ruby with Medela SNS.

August 8: Released from Dr. Towns. Palate is said to be in good condition.

August 16: Ruby nursed for 7 minutes.

August 16: It becomes evident that Ruby is having difficulty eating again. Only eating one ounce at a time.

August 22: Ruby’s tongue is re-clipped for the third time. Eating returns to normal. Begins pooping 4-6x a day (she was pooping only once a day).

August 29: Pooping is back to 1x a day. Ruby struggles to eat again. Suspect tongue as adhered.

August 30: Re-opened Ruby’s tongue

Sept 12: Dr. Sullivan reopens Ruby’s tongue. It is mostly open, but still a slight restriction.

Sept 14: Ruby is examined for Metopic Ridge. She has a very small front fontanelle. Scheduled CranioSacrial Therapy to correct it. First appointment is 9/22.

Sept 16: Ruby begins nursing with Medela SNS

Sept 19: Ruby is back on nursing strike.

Sept 23: Ruby went to first CST appointment with Tim Reep. Her palate is normal after only one session.

Oct 10: TemptestBeauty shares pumping trick, supply gets a big boost. I also begin domperidone.

Oct 24: Moved Ruby from the large tubing to the medium tubing of the SNS to increase suck strength.

Nov 2: Follow up appt with Pediatrician to monitor head circumfrance. Not so good. Ruby hasn’t gained any wieght. They recommend seeing a GI doctor.

Nov 6: Started supplementing with donated breast milk

Nov 9: Figured out that Ruby has a misaligned jaw. Moved to a bottle (Dr. Brown’s) and the large tubing.

Dec 6: Ruby turns one year

Dec 15: At midnight, a friend texts me to suggest that gluten in my diet could be causing Ruby’s failure to gain weight. Dr. sends Ruby for food allergy testing. I begin a strict gluten free/ casein free diet.

Dec 25: For Christmas we feed Ruby some cornbread dressing. Ruby develops horrible rash. We suspect corn to be another allergine. Begin strict, corn free diet.

Dec 29: Test results are negative (which doesn’t mean anything) But Ruby has started to gain weight again. She is now 14 pounds. Dr puts off GI for one month to see how Ruby gains weight while off all gluten, corn, and casein.

January 26, 2012: Has follow up appointment with Pediatrician. She has gained another pound. We are taken off weight checks, GI appointment is officially cancelled. Don’t go back until well check at 15 months.

February 13, 2012: Started seeing Chiro #4, Oakleaf Family Chiropractor. He has been manually adjusting Ruby. She has immediate improvement in ability to walk.

Mid-March, 2012: Ruby’s jaw holds alignment. We see Dr. Eric on an “as-needed” basis.

March 29, 2012: 15-month check up. Ruby hasn’t gained weight. Sent to GI. I suspect it is due to not eliminating corn aggressively enough. Joins Jax Natural Foods Co-op. Eliminates all corn.

April 10, 2012: Early Steps screening. She is behind in communcation skills. But doctor says no autism. Sinse having removed corn, more milestones have been reached.

April 19, 2012: Begin GAPS diet.

April 23: First GI appointment. Blood tests and stool samples ordered. Ruby has only gained 5 ounces sinse last appointment, almost a month ago.

May 24, 2012: GI Doctor calls. All tests came back normal. Because Ruby is making much progress in her mental development and eczema has cleared up, he does not think an endoscopy is necessary at this time. But wants me to check her weight frequently.



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  1. It was nice talking to you this past week! Sorry we got cut off, my phone has been bad recently about dropping calls. I’m reassured knowing I’m following the same path without even knowing about your experience first. I’ve been talking with another mom via Facebook who’s having her 8 month old’s TT & LT released by Gary Myers also. Looking forward to also being able to help others in the future! Lots of great info in your blog, thank you for sharing! Thanks again, Kelly

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