Next Steps for Ruby

Night and day.

That is the difference in my sweet little girl.

In addition to all the amazing things we talked about in the last few posts, the magic just keeps happening around here.

She walks around the house now singing the “Alphabet Song,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and “Jesus Loves Me.”

She has heard us talking about her upcoming birthday and is estatic about it. She tells other people happy birthday and pretends to blow out candles.

Ruby is playing with her sister now. Really playing!

She can count to 15 (she usually forgets number nine, but other than that she does great). She can recognize many of her letters and is learning their sounds.

We still have a long way to go. I have been battling a lot emotionally (see previous post) because I didn’t see just how far behind she really was until she started making progress. Maybe my subconscious was blocking me from seeing it because I couldn’t handle it. I don’t really know.

Sinse she was finally able to start counting, I have been working with her to use her fingers to count. Well, in the process I learned that she has zero ability to independently move any of her fingers other than her index finger. She can close her hand and open it. But cannot do anything with her fingers other than point. I will hold her hand with two fingers up. As soon as I move my hand, all her fingers open all the way up. I have worked and worked and worked with her. She cannot do it.

A few weeks ago, Dr Kemp called me to check on her. (Who does that? No other Doctor I know!) I told him what was going on and also wanted to move forward with additional work towards getting her fully functional, healing her food allergies, etc.

He suggested having her do the bird dog stance work with her until she could hold it 30 seconds on each side.

You can image how that turned out. If not, I’ll tell you. TERRIBLE, that’s how!

I called his office back about a week later, and explained to him that it just wasn’t going to happen. He gave me different exercises (some to specifically target her fingers) and then we’ll check her out again after the first of the year.

Two days ago she was watching me while I calculated something to myself. I began counting on my fingers (yes, I do that still. Especially sinse I no longer have teachers that scold me for it). Ruby watched me and began looking at her hands, turning them over and over.

Yesterday I signed “I love you” at her. She held up her hand tried to move her fingers around.

Today, she held up two fingers for the first time! It wasn’t pretty, but she did it!

Another step forward!

Monday is her last appointed with her speech therapist under the Early Steps program. Tuesday she has an evaluation with the school board to see if she qualifies for speech therapy through the school system.

She turns three in 6 days.

What a journey this has been! I’m ready to take the next step!