How to Give a Bottle to Baby

We often repeat what we grow up seeing with little thought towards it. This applies to feeding babies as well! Certainly, the more ecposure children and young adulys have to breastfeeding, the more normal it will be seen as, the higher the percentages of they themselves choosing to breastfeed. 

Unfortunately, there are circustances that force a mother to give a bottle. How we give bottles and how we allow others to feed our baby a bottle can have an astounding impact on either or not our baby choices to continue breastfeeding. 

Below is very informative video on the proper way to bottle feed a baby. Even if there is no intention of breastfeeding, paced bottle feeding can have wonderful benefits and greatly reduce the chances of health problems, eating disorders (over eating is an eating disorder), and unhealthy weight gain. 

Video of Paced Bottle Feeding