Providers I Recommend


Oakleaf Family Chiropractic

Dr. Eric Thompson, DC

9526 Argyle Forest Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32222
(904) 772-6522

Ruby saw 3 different chiropractors. None of them even realized that her jaw was misaligned. After God spoke it to me, I took her to see two different chiropractors, seeking healing. One of them wouldn’t even adjust her jaw. He only instructed me to massage her jaw muscles. The other, although she would adjust it, used an activator. Before we would arrive home from the office, her jaw would already be misaligned. These were very expensive appointments. After much prayer, I felt led to try again. I was tipped off to Dr. Eric by another chiropractor. I am amazed.He was the first chiropractor that knew what a tongue tie was. He manually adjusts infants. He recognized immediately that the jaw misalignment was a result of a severe misalignment of her hips. Both were corrected within 6 weeks of treatment by Dr. Eric.

Bonus: He doesn’t contract with insurances. His cost is $10 for infants and children

CranioSacral Therapy

Timothy Reep, LMT

2902 Isabella Blvd
Ste 50
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Tim Reep is brillant! I orginally saw Bootsy Haas for CST. I wasn’t impressed, to say the least. She was very nice and I liked her personally. But she didn’t seem expereienced and knowledgable. As a result, I wrote off CST entirely. I started seeing Tim Reep when when Ruby developed a metopic ridge. He is knowledgable and experienced in many other practices other than CST. He incoorporates them all when he treats patients.

All and all, he is just a cool guy! He walks around his office bare-foot. He is very gentle and patient. I learn so much each time he treats Ruby.


Myers Pediatric Dentistry 

Dr. Gary Myers

Dr Myers is awesome! He lasered my son’s lip tie and tongue-tie. Very knowledgable and experienced. He also is fun to be around and has great bedside manners. Rarely do I meet a doctor that I feel really listens. But he does! He perviously lasered only older children’s tongue ties, but studied under the great Dr Larry Kutlow on how to do infants. He does not use general anesthesia. he is located in Orange Park, FL.

If you are not in the Jacksonville/North Florida area, here is a document of other providers who have been known to clip or laser tongue-ties effectively. 

Lactation Consultant

Jennifer Tow

Jennifer Tow consults with families all over the world! If you reside in the USA, you may have a phone consultation. But the preferred option is a Skype consult. Jennifer has much experience and knowledge about breastfeeding and gut healing. She is thurough and meticulous. The information may be overwhelming at times, but the most help you will ever find, will come from her!

If not for her, my daughter most likely would have ended up with a feeding tube. If this had happened, they would have given her store-bought formula. Ruby is allergic to corn. Based on seeing her reaction to the week’s worth of store-bought formula I did have to give her, I have no doubt she would have had severe autism. Any time I have been at the end of my rope and needed answers, Jennifer Tow has come through for me!

You will be challenged, changed, and stretched by her recommendations. But isn’t that what we mothers do best?

Other Local Lactation Consultants

I have had bad experiences with the local Jacksonville IBCLC’s. I haven’t seen them all mind you, but the one that I did see, I feel like did much damage to our situation. When dealing with a Tongue Tie, you really need someone who knows what the are dealing with and is truly interested in furthering the breast feeding cause- not just someone who wants to corner the market. Jennifer Tow is very good about finding individuals in your area and interviewing them first to make sure they will be able to effectively help you, instead of causing further damage.

Neurological Disorders

David Kemp

I was referred to Dr. Kemp by Dr Myers. He is amazing! He uses Functional neurology to help patients reclaim their brains and overcome autism, sensory processing disorder, development delays, and more. You can read my post about what his work did for Ruby. Look in the category for “Functional Neurology.”

He currently accepts some insurance plans but will not be accepting any after January 2014. Although a little expensive, the results we received from him are priceless.

To learn more about Dr Kemp and Functional Neurology, visit his website.

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