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I consider it a great honor and privilege to help and support others. It makes me feel like everything we went through was for a great purpose. Please feel free to contact me through email.
I have two busy toddlers. So if I don’t respond right away, please continue to try to contact me. I want to help you if I can.

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  1. Hi there,
    My 5 month old had both lip & tongue ties lasered yesterday & I am having
    great difficulty in being able to successfully do the tongue exercises. I can’t seem to be able to stretch her tongue up as shown in your videos. With all the saliva & her restricting her tongue almost feels like it’s bunched up which stops me from being able to lift it, if that makes any sense?
    I am so stressed & worried that it will reattach or even that I’m possibly Too late & it’s already started to happen once again as at 6 weeks she had both snipped with scissors & that reattached, hence the lasering.
    Any help of yours is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


    • I highly recommend hiring Jennifer Tow. As I have spoken to so many wonderful moms over the years, I realize more and more how little I know and have experienced. I only have the experience of my own kiddos and a few sweet others I am close to. Jennifer Tow has decades of research and experience to draw from. The more I hear from parents, the more I wish dentists and doctors wouldn’t clip or laser TT’s without the parents coordinating with a fully trained IBCLC. It seems like it causes babies a lot of pain and the reattachment rates are high when ever a properly trained IBCLC is not leading care. Jennifer Tow’s contact info is on my blog. Well wishes to you and your sweet little one!

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