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My name is Samantha and I’m a struggling nursing mother. I nursed my DD#1, Loretta, just fine. We had a rocky start, but a nipple shield and a few weeks worth of endurance, we went on have an awesome nursing relationship. i intended to tandem nurse when I found out I was pregnant with DD#2, Ruby, but my milk druid up completely at four months pregnant and Loretta lost interest.

Because I did so much reading, researching, and went through a decent amount of trouble to nurse Loretta, I FOOLISHLY thought nursing Ruby would be a breeze. YEAH, RIGHT!!!!

So after a speedy and somewhat pleasant labor and birth at Fruitfulvine Midwifery Service’s Birth Center (only freak Bradley students like me would describe the birth process as pleasant), I gave birth to Little Miss Ruby Sue. Five pounds, 2 ounces. So we are already behind the power curve on size and weight here.

So today, Ruby is six months, 4 days old and only weighs eight pounds. Yes, you read that right…. eight lousy, stinkin’ pounds. So for the hours, and hours, and HOURS I have spent nursing her… For the weeks, and weeks, and WEEKS Ive stayed cooped up inside my house with a two year old… For the days, and days, and DAYS that the house is hideously un-kept and the laundry not washed or folded… For the nights, and nights, AND NIGHTS I’ve not slept for more than 2 hours are a time… I have a six month old baby girl who only weighs 8 pounds. Eight pounds. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8… 8 pounds… EIGHT. E.I.G.H.T. POUNDS!!!!!

Oh the ridicule I’ve endured. The jokes I’ve been the brunt of. The opinions I’ve listened to. The flat out harassment. I’ve even had lunatic people follow me around Dillards bugging me about her weight! FOLLOW ME AROUND DILLARDS!!! The worst part of that particular story… she was an employee!
And the comments and questions people ask… “AWWWW….. what a cute baby. Shes holding her head up so well. How many DAYS old is she?” Me: “Well, she’s actually 6 months old now. There’s approximately 30 days in a month. 6 x 30 = 180. She’s 180 days old, Thank you.” Do they take the hint? NO! THEY KEEP ON!!! “ohh….. what’s wrong with her?” Seriously? You’re a complete stranger, why do you care and do you really think I’m going to tell you the complete medical background of my daughter while we stand in line for the bathroom? and even if I did, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO STAND THERE AND LISTEN TO ME GRIPE FOR 20 MINUTES?!?!?!?!

*gets off soap box. Smooths out hair. Straights cloths and gently clears throat*

Nursing Ruby has been an adventure, to say the least. And it’s not over yet. As a result of a posterior tongue tie that went undiagnosed until she was 2 months old, she has improper oral motor skills, weak muscle tone in her mouth, slow weight gain, eczema from store-bought formula, high palate, and the list goes on and on….

So this is our story as it happens. I hope that this information can help someone else that maybe dealing with a tongue tie issue as well. The Timeline link will give you a general overview of what all has happened to us and when. The Plan link will outline our courses of action that we are taking/have taken. There are also other links that I hope you will find helpful and informative.


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  1. So I set down and remembered your sight today and I’ve been on here for now approx 30 mins. Samantha I must tell you , you are an awesome women. You are doing a wonderful job with Ruby she may be small but you have truly put so much into trying to nurse her. I am proud of you and I don’t know I would have the patience you do to keep going. You are such and inspiration to me. Don’t let ANYONE tell you any different. Love ya girl!

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