There’s More to a TT Release

“Parents, I know it feels like you are saving money when you find a dentist or doctor who will do your baby’s tie releases without an IBCLC, but please consider that the role of the surgeon is ONLY to enable full function to be possible. The release itself does not cause babies to suddenly nurse properly. And the role of the manual therapist is to assist the baby in releasing long-held patterns of restriction that prevent optimal latch and range of motion. Neither of them plays the key role in supporting the breastfeeding dyad in normalizing function. That is the role of the IBCLC. 

No dentist or doctor should be doing a release without IBCLC evaluation, preparation and follow-up. The IBCLC shouåld prepare the parents by teaching oral-motor exercises that begin prior to release and ensure the baby is able to repattern proper muscular activity. Those exercises are modified based on the function, response, age of the baby etc. The IBCLC needs to help the mother correct long-held (usually unconscious) compensatory patterns while breastfeeding that prevent the baby from achieving full function and may even cause reattachment. Also, many babies are dealing with other issues such as intolerance to foods in mom’s diet, many moms have milk supply issues and so on.

I see far too many babies after they have reattached or whose mothers thought the TT release did not work or who had far too many unnecessary bodywork appts, hoping that was the problem, bc they never saw an IBCLC. Your providers are doing you no favors by allowing you to scrounge around for breastfeeding help on social media or from support groups. ****This is primarily a breastfeeding issue and the primary care is provided by the IBCLC.***”      – Jennifer Tow, IBCLC


This is not just an IBCLC trying to get more business. This is real, folks. If you go through with a tongue tie release without a knowledgable IBCLC’s assistance, you are setting yourself up for a very disappointing and frustrating experience and  your baby up for even worse: a frustrating and painful experience.

If you are willing to put forth the money and the effort to release a tongue tie to have breastfeeding success (among the many other benefits), you need to go all in. Otherwise, you have pretty much wasted a great deal of money and time and caused your baby to suffer a painful procedure for no benefit. Spend the money, hire an educated IBCLC.

I don’t know if the IBCLC in your area is knowledgable about Tongue-ties. You won’t know either until they either help you successfully or fail you miserably. Do you want to take that risk? I will not!

If you have found this blog because you are searching for answers to your breastfeeding struggles, fork out the money and hire Jennifer Tow. She is constantly growing, learning, researching. Trying new ideas, exploring new treatments, learning new methods. She never stops. She won’t ever stop, I believe. You will not find a more informed and experienced IBCLC out there in regards to tongue-tie.

If you need help, email her at Send your name and a summary of your situation. She will respond with her prices and set up a time to meet with you via Skype. Don’t let a Skype visit scare you out of it either. She can literally look at pictures of your baby’s face and tell you things about his/her facial structure and oral issues. She can find providers and help you make connections locally to get the care your baby needs.

Do not ask her if you can just correspond through email for free. These issues are too complex to ping-pong emails back and forth. It’s also very time consuming for her. She is the best of the best and you need to compensate her for her expertise, experience, and efforts. You would never think about emailing a doctor back and forth for free to resolve your inability to eat. This is no different.

If you came here looking for answers to your tongue-tie issues, you found it. Her name is Jennifer Tow and she was my only hope to feed my kids. Just hire her. You won’t regret it.


Jennifer Tow, IBCLC


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