Getting Ready for GAPS

I have decided to begin GAPS again. (Click here to learn about GAPS)

GAPS is a gut-healing diet. It is heavy in fermented foods and is grain-free, chemical-free, and sugar-free. It heals the gut by populating it with beneficial bacteria, eliminating foods that cause inflammation and allergies (such as grains and soy) and detoxing the body by eliminating toxic chemicals and supporting the body as it rids itself of the chemicals.

(NOTE: GAPS is not a one-size-fits-all diet. It is generally good for healing gut issues. However, if the patient has deeper issues (which may be revealed by going on GAPS-such as inability to break down oxalates or issues with sulfur- this may not be the right method of healing or it may need to be modified)

I originally went on this diet with my two daughters, Ruby and Loretta, back in 2012. We saw enormous improvement in all three of us! However, life happened and we got away from it.

I want to go back on it because my skin isn’t as clear. I have a large patch of breakouts on the side of my leg. It has been there for a very long time and I am sick of it. I have little energy and don’t feel nearly as good as I did while on it. Although Ruby has made great progress with Functional Neurology, we still have quite a ways a to go. She also is becoming increasingly more sensitive to wheat and corn. I can tell we are heading in the wrong direction there. Dr Kemp, her functional neurologist, said that of the children he has treated  successfully with autism, they all lost their food allergies. This is very exciting! However, I feel it will take time for her brain to heal up to where it needs to be. So until her brain function is optimal and can send clear signals to the gut to digest properly, I feel like I need to be careful what I give her. Moreover, it takes good nutrition for the body to repair, grow, and regrow tissues and connections.

I plan to begin GAPS in January. Right now I am preparing myself.

  1. Reading the book again
  2. mentally preparing myself – if I was at this party while on GAPS, this is what I would eat, cook, do
  3. buying pickle-pro fermenting lids for my kraut


The Book


The book is essential! YOu cannot do GAPS ( I don’t think) without the book. It explains many of the misconceptions that our society has about health and diet. Arming yourself with knowledge will help you make educated decisions about what to eat. It will also help you to better explain those decisions to the people who will think you’re a pycho. (Trust me, there will be MANY people who will think you’re a physco. But the cool thing is that those same people will come to you for help later when they see that it works!)

The book cannot be bought in stores in the USA (yet). So you must order it from the internet. Here’s the link to buy it from Amazon.



Mental Preparation

GAPS can be hard at times. It’s a very different lifestyle that the vast majority of our society. It can make social gatherings difficult, interesting, and sometimes embarrassing. Go ahead and mentally prepare yourself for this! While eating Thanksgiving Dinner with your SAD (Standard American Diet) family and friends, think about ways you can do this next year on GAPS. What will you do at the Birthday party? Vacations? Etc?

Being mentally prepared to handle these situations will go a long way in your ability to cope and be successful on GAPS. You don’t want to be miserable and you don’t have to be! Just prepare and adjust your expectations accordingly.




GAPS is heavy on ferments. You must eat fermented foods. Lots of it! This can be very expensive. It is best to make your own! The intro portion of GAPS encourages drinking juice from Sauerkraut (stage 3) and then eating it (stage 4 or 5). There are ways you can make it yourself without a fermenting lid, but it’s annoying. You have to baby sit it. With three kids, I don’t have time for that foolishness! This time I’m buying the lids and doing it right!

I found the lids on Ebay for a very good price! $15 for 3 lids! (See above for the link). I plan to start fermenting as soon as they come in so that it’s ready by the time I begin GAPS.




My mom and my friend are thinking of doing of going on GAPS with me. It’s very exciting to potentially do this with others!


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