Last night was a special night.

Like many nights of the week, my husband, Michael, plays with the girls while I take a bit of a break. After bathing Josiah, I came into the living room to this:


Many are the times they have played “Hide-and-Seek.” But usually it’s just my husband and Loretta playing. He tries very hard to get Ruby involved but it would never hold her attention for more than half a round.

It would be her and Michael’s turn to seek, but she would never look for Loretta. Even when Loretta was in plain sight and Michael was telling her where to look and directing her there, Ruby would wonder around the room and forget what she was supposed to do. When she did “find” Loretta (and by “find” I mean Loretta would jump out and say, “Here I am, Ruby!”), Ruby would stare blankly at her as though she was unaware of what just happened.

Counting was a diaster as well. She had no concept of it. Recently she would repeat “1,2,3!” But it had no meaning to her. She didn’t know all the numbers in order last night, but when I walked in and snapped this picture, she was counting. Michael helped with the order of the numbers, but Ruby understood to hide her face and count!

Then she searched for Loretta! Actually looked for her!

What a breakthrough! And the miracle hasn’t stopped yet!


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