Functional Neurology: An Amazing Breakthrough Part 2

My newborn son, Josiah, has an amazing name! My husband picked his name out when we were just teenagers. All this time, I knew that he wanted to name his first son Josiah Michael.  The name inspired him because Josiah was the child-king of Judah. For many, many years, the nation of Judah had fallen into idolatry. It was during the midst of this dark time that Josiah became king. At the age of eight years old, immediately upon becoming king, he turned the nation back to God. Such an incredible story! No matter your age, you have a purpose! 

Josiah Michael

My pregnancy with him was healthy, but very difficult emotionally. There was much emotional damage from Ruby. I was terrified to have another baby. I was wounded from past hurts. I was scared the next baby would be even more sick than Ruby. But God is good, even when circumstances aren’t! He knows what is best for us and has promised that he will turn out messed up past situations into something that ultimately will be for our good. The last few weeks of my pregnancy, Michael and I were discussing all the amazing things that had happened. So much healing! Restoration! It was truly a work that only God could perform.

I had often thought it would be amazing to name our baby a name that would reflect the healing and restoration we experienced. I had not discussed this with Michael, but secretly I had researched other names. Unfortunately, I came up with nothing. Nothing for boy names or girl names (Josiah’s gender was a surprise. We did not know until his birth whether he was a boy or girl).

While we were deep into our discussion, my husband said he had searched for different names to mean “healing” but found nothing. I was shocked that we both were thinking the same thing!

Josiah was born and he was perfect! He was my biggest baby! 7 pounds and 14 ounces. Healthy. Excellent suck and nursed first try! He had a lip tie that was a bit restrictive and a posterior tongue-tie but the tongue was very functional! I was stunned! It is very common that with each child, midline defects get worse- not better.

When he was a few days old, I was teasing Michael about how he chooses names versus how I choose names. (He bases his decisions mainly on how it sounds, whereas I’m all about meanings). I asked him if he even knew what “Josiah” meant. He didn’t (surprise, surprise) so he looked it up.

In Hebrew, it means “Jehovah has healed.” 

Amazing! Just amazing!

But the healing continues, God is not done yet!

Josiah later developed a nursing problem. He would lose suction and smack. It’s really annoying and interferes with letdowns and supply. We tried body work and chiropractic care. And it got worse. This was indicative of a structural problem. Meaning the tongue tie was restricting the proper movement of the mouth, tongue, jaw, etc. We made the difficult decision of having his tongue-tie revised via laser.

While there for a follow-up visit, Dr. Myers brought up the fact that Josiah had no sucking reflex and an over-active gag reflex. I had noticed these things before but thought little of it. He suggested that I see Dr. David Kemp if I was concerned. He is a chiropractic Neurologist and could help us. I called and scheduled an appointment. The appointment was last Wednesday (October 9, 2013) and I had to take Ruby with me.

Dr Kemp is amazing. I was blown away! Not only was he knowledgable about tongue-ties, but he knew what the GAPS diet was! The first provider I have been to in Jacksonville who knew what it was! I explained the issues. He showed me some exercises to do on Joey and we saw results right there about how he lifted his head. Then Dr. Kemp got a hold of Ruby and the magic happened!!!!

He full recognized her issues. Dopey, unresponsive to stimuli, unaware of her surroundings, clumsy. He then brought more to my attention. I always thought Ruby’s eyes didn’t look quite right, but never noticed that one pupil was dilated. He examined her and found out she has absolutely no reflexes. She couldn’t properly follow a pattern with her eyes.

He showed me exercises to do on her. We did them once in his office. He rechecked her eyes and they had already corrected! Her eyes then followed the pattern properly! I was in tears when I left! I had hope!

That was at 10am. At around 2:30pm I laid both Loretta and Ruby down for a nap. Ruby began to protest laying down (which is nothing new). Usually she communicates using only one or two words or by pointing. We have been working with her on this for months in speech therapy!

Today, it was very different!

“Mommy, I need to go Tee-tee!”

My mom looked at me. I looked at my mom. Our mouths fell open.

She just used an entire sentence!


Ruby’s speech continued to improve throughout the day. The next morning, I was pumping while she was playing with some animal cards on the floor. She started bringing them to me one-by-one, telling me the names of each one, AND telling me the correct sounds.

She would pay attention and look at me while I was talking to her.

She put on her underwear by herself! Without it being turned backwards or both legs in one hole.

Ruby and Loretta at Memorial ParkFriday we went to Memorial Park. She and Loretta were running around. Usually when Ruby runs she has both hands stretched out behind her. And she then falls. Today, she was alternating the movement of her arms to correspond to the movements of her legs. And not falling!

We walked out of church Sunday night. “Mommy! Look! The Sun!” It was actually the moon. But she had never taken notice of her surroundings or pointed out either sun or moon before! She saw the sun in pictures and we would tell her that is was the sun. But she had the revelation that what she saw in the pictures was actually real and in the sky. Her sky. In her world!

Even her Sunday School teacher came to me that even and remarked about how different she was in class.

This morning, Ruby sat in my lap and actually let me read a book to her. No fighting. No begging her to stay in my lap. No making her finish the book against her will. We just read it. And  enjoyed the story together.

Today she had speech therapy. The therapist was amazed! She plans to take her own daughter to see Dr. Kemp (her daughter has similar issues to Ruby, but not as severe. She also has a tongue-tie). The therapist called me after the appointment was over to talk more about it- Astounded that she now could offer hope to desperate parents that don’t know what else to do for their children. The same hope that I have!

When Josiah was born I was a bit disappointed he had a tongue-tie (although I was thrilled it was functional and we were able to nurse without pain). I questioned why the healing would not be 100%. But now I’m glad he had the tie. Without the tongue-tie presenting issues, Dr Myers would never have referred us to Dr. Kemp.

Josiah’s presence in my womb forced me to seek God’s healing on issues I had buried in the bottom of the closet. God used him to heal me and my family emotionally. Now he has also used him to bring about the answer to healing Ruby.

Truly, Jehovah has healed and he has a purpose for him even at this young age.


For more information about functional neurology and Dr Kemp, please visit his website.


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  1. Amazing!! In Awee
    Sam n Michael Glory to God I always knew she was something special, not knowing how special she really is! Gods lil princess! We see imperfect but God created her perfect in everyway! He was waiting for u to claim healing, and reject any imperfections that were send to cloud your mind. You withstood all the errows of shame n guelt that was thrown your way, only to come out stronger! You didn’t give up, or give in, but trusted your only healer! Praise and Glory be to God for wonderful parents such as yourself entrusted to care for Ruby, Retta and Josiah. This story brought me to my tears! very touching!

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