Why I Won’t Take My Kids to the Doctor


This is why I won’t take my kids to a doctor anymore.

Why Ruby was 6 months old, she was very sick and very underweight. I tried everything, except putting her on commercial formula. Why? I don’t know! Something in my mommy-gut screamed no! The very thought of it made me cry and want to throw up!

She was exclusively breastfed because she refused a bottle. She was still tongue-tied and therefore couldn’t handle the flow of the bottle. It would pour out the sides of her mouth. She would refuse it. Kick, scream, not latch on. Refused it and fought it as hard as she could. When she would tire of fighting and latch on, she would choke and gag. Oftentimes end of puking up what little she was able to successfully swallow.

The IBCLC sent us down to the Beckman Clinic. There we were given exercises to strengthen her suck so she could nurse better. She did not even examine her for tongue-tie or misaligned jaw. The misaligned jaw ended up being the problem, as it would cause tremendous TMJ pain. This was never looked into as a possible source. Ridiculous. She saw a pediatrician, an IBCLC, and 3 different Chiropractors. No one even checked.

She gave me a special bottle and gave me instructions for laying her on her side to drink out of hte bottle, instead of the traditional “point their nose at the ceiling, lay them on their back, and put the bottle up in the air so it drains into their mouths and drowns them” approach. Ruby accepted the bottle.

And then refused the breast. Completely.

So I was pumping… but couldn’t pump enough. (Surprise, surprise)

My friend was giving her baby organic raw goats milk to supplement when she was away from him at work (she similarly didn’t pump well). I talked to my pediatrician and IBCLC about this. Both resisted me strongly. The IBCLC went as far as to imply that if I gave that to her instead of the recommendation of the pediatrician (which was formula), that CPS might get a call from someone. She never explicitly stated that she or the pediatrician would call, but the threat was very clear.

***Interesting fact here. I was tongue-tied and had a misaligned jaw as a baby. I couldn’t nurse and refused formula. When I did accept it, it made me extremely sick. My pediatrican told my mom to give me whole cows milk. She did. I drank it and didn’t get sick. I’m here today. Alive. Pretty healthy. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class, was in Beta club, and National Honor Society. Doing pretty good, I think. I was two months old when this happened.  Ruby is currently 6 months old. ***

Most pediatricains don’t have a problem with starting a baby on milk at 6 months old anyway. She wasn’t even going to be having that exclusively. She was only taking about 10 ounces a day. The rest was pumped breastmilk and being solids. What was the big deal?!?!

I’ll tell you what hte big deal was!




They want to control us. If we do something they don’t want or like, then they manipulate us. Lie to us. Give us false information. Scare us. When we are smart enough to see through it all and DO OUR OWN RESEARCH they call CPS. They know they can do this becasue CPS explicitly states that they rely heavily on the opinions of health care professionsals. They do this without consulting other doctor’s opinions. They do this without even actually investigating what is going on or hearing the parent’s side of the story. They do it just because they can.

Before I gave Ruby goat milk, I did actually cave to their stupid reasoning and scare tactics. I bought the god-forsake can of powered poison and gave it to my baby. Not because I believed that it was best. But because I knew that I would care more for her to search for answers that a CPS worker or fosher care parent would.

Guess what happened when I gave it to her? She broke out in eczema all over body. She would scream for hours and hours without stopping. When she would finally stop screaming, she would lay away, motionless and unresponsive even though her eyes were open. Within three days this very intelligent but sick baby started refusing the formula. If I gave her breast milk, she would chug it down. One taste of formula and she would kick and scream and gag and wail.

I called the pediatrician back and described what was going on. I brought back up the possibility of goat milk instead of formula. I was told no again and that if I didn’t figure out a way to get the formula in here that they would order her to be admitted into the hospital with it in a feeding tube.

I said I would figure it out.

And then I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Then God brought Jennifer Tow into our lives. She gave me further eductation about gut healing and tongue-tie. We put her on goat milk! She gave me a recipe to increase the amount of nutrition. Within 6 weeks, Ruby gained 5 pounds.

We later discovered that Ruby is allergic to corn. Guess what is in every single formula on the market. Corn. GMO corn, specifically.

Turns out my pediatrican is aware of and has refered other moms to donated breast milk. Why didn’t she do that for us? I don’t know. All I know is that she wanted things done a certain way, and was willing to make sure she had her power trip by controlling a scared young mother.

My pediatrican has done very little to help us with ailments andproblems. Basic problems are easily solved by me seeking information from holistic moms groups online. They are more experieenced and knowledgeable than my pediatrician. When it comes to complicated difficult issues like my daughters severe gut damage and being developmentally behind, little was actually done to heal. Again, doing my own research and turning to people who actually have a passion in healing, like Jennifer Tow, is the only thing that has ever brought us any results.

There is no reason for me to take my children to doctors. They offer me no real help. I espeically refuse to take them now that more and more of these stories have come out. Because apparantly they think they are gods and have the right to control us.

Enough is enough already. I’m sick of the lies and manipulation.

What lies? Oh, common ones they tell to bully you into things you aren’t comfortable with.

I was admitted into the hospital last December. I didn’t agree with the reommendation of surgery. I asked to leave. They said they would only let me leave if a doctor discharged me. I said I didn’t care what the doctor said, I was going home. They then said that if I left the hospital against medical advise that my insurance wouldn’t pay. Really? My husband just so happens to work for the insurance company!

Check this out!

If you’re a physician telling patients that insurers won’t pay if they don’t follow doctors’ orders, a study says you should stop — because it’s not true.

An article in the July Journal of General Internal Medicine reported an analysis of data on 526 patients leaving against medical advice from University of Chicago hospitals from 2001 to 2010. Of the group, insurers denied 18 payment for hospital care, but this was primarily due to administrative errors such as misspelled names. Not a single claim was turned down for insurance payment because the patient self-discharged.

This is from American Medical News. Here’s the link if you want to read the entire article. I love how they go on to say:

People who investigated the issue suspect the myth emerged out of a desire to persuade patients to do what physicians believed was best. Eighty-five percent of residents and 67% of attendings said they told patients this information “so they will reconsider staying in the hospital.”

Imagine that…. Doctors lying to people to scare them into doing something that THEY WILL GET PAID FOR even though the patient is uncomfortable with it.

If you really want to get mad about doctors doing this, read this about what male GYNs are doing to females during ;evlic and breast exams. Read down into the comments about how they manipulate attractive women and young girls into doing procedures that are not necessary.

Nope! No more doctors for my kids. At least I know that I have the right to refuse treatment for myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the freedom to choose for my kids anymore.


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