What Scares You?

A few weeks ago I went to an intimate training conference where Marcella Von Harting spoke.

And it changed me.


So much was said and learned. But what changed me the most was this:

“What scares you?”

“What makes you the most uncomfortable, just thinking about it?”

I’m not talking about a fear of snakes or being made uncomfortable from the a/c not working. I’m talking about actions. Your actions.

What action are you the most afraid of doing? What action, just thinking about it, makes you the most uncomfortable? Seriously. Ask yourself that! I even dare you to grab a pen and paper and write a few of them down.

Come on! Write them.

What Marcella told  me about these things….

…. is that those things are what I need  to do the most in order to get my breakthrough.

Whether it be a spiritual breakthrough, an emotional breakthrough, financial, or personal growth. The thing that scares you and makes you the most uncomfortable is what you need to do the most!

Your flesh and the enemy wants to keep you from breaking into the next level and the next demension. This happens by creating so much fear about that action that you become paralyzed by it. You avoid it at all costs. The common question that I am attacked with is, “But you don’t know what will happen! What if it doesn’t work?”

But that is a trick question! If the fear is developing relationships, you already haven’t developed any… the person not responding to your invitation to a relationship won’t cause any change to the current situation. You already don’t have a relationship. Pursuing it and them not responding will result in…… not having a relationship. You have lost nothing. You have gained the knowledge of the closed door (perhaps temporary… maybe you should keep trying and see if maybe they just need some time to develop trust in you). Now you can try the same thing on the next person in pursuit of a meaningful relationship. Make sense?


So what am I most scared and uncomfortable doing?

  • Having another baby
  • Talking to random people about my faith
  • Calling people on the phone in order to gain a closer relationship (No really…. for some reason it terrifies me)
  • Sky diving
  • Investing money in advertising and growing my business. (I’m scared that nothing will return to me and I will have “wasted” it)

So here we go! If you get a phone call from me more often, now you know why!

And no, I don’t neccessiarily plan on getting pregnant right now. But possibly soon. Pray for me. It’s at the top of the list for a reason. I am most scared of it and have much to work through emotionally to do this. Probably going to be reading Birthing From Within* again. But this time the fear is problems nursing and a lack of support, not the birth process itself. Hey! Maybe I’ll share some of my artwork on here.

What are you most fearful of doing? What action makes you the most uncomfortable? Post a few in the comments. If you’re scared to post it… do it anyway. Maybe it’s something you need to do to get the breakthrough!


*Birthing From Within is a book about natural childbirth. The premise of the book is not that birth isn’t painful, but that women are powerful. We often relinquish our power and strength due to deep seated fears and emotional damages. It encourages the use of art to reveal these and overcome them.


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