Fast Healing from Colds


I recently ordered Young Living’s Golden Touch 1 Collection of oils. It contains 7 oil blends that supposedly help boost the immune system in an attempt to avoid catching viruses, as well as supporting the body through healing in the unfortunate event that you catch a virus. It is meant to be used to avoid the flu, without getting the flu shot. (Read here about why you shouldn’t get the flu shot.)

My first positive experience with this kit was when my husband caught the flu. He has a great immune system and rarely gets sick. When he is sick, he is still able to function pretty well and usually recovers in a few days. I, on the other hand, am always sick and it usually last a week, minimum.

He came home sick and I thought I’d put my new little oil kit to the test. I slathered on the oils once a day every day that he was ill. Although there were  one or two days that I felt a little lazy and fatigued, I never actually had any cold or flu symptoms. I think this is the only time in the history of me knowing him that he was sick and I didn’t get sick. Win!

About a week after his recovery, one evening, Ruby came down with a fever. She was clingy and letharic. Classic sick baby symptoms. I put all the oils on her, prayed over her, then put her to bed. The next morning she awoke 100% better. No fever, no symptoms, no clinging, and certainly no lethargy!

This morning, Loretta woke up sick. She has a very strong immune system. She rarely gets sick, but when she does, it’s usually pretty bad and lasts a week, minium. I started rubbing all the oils on her too. I put the oils on her three times today. At around 7 or 8pm, her fever broke. She is still a bit congested. But she also is too young to really blow her nose and too old for me to be willing to hold down to suction her sinuses. We’ll see how she wakes up feeling tomorrow. Right now she has been sleeping well without any coughing for 2 hours.

So what is in this magical kit and how do you use it? Great question!

Read on!

The Golden Touch 1 Collection

The oil blends contained in this kit are designed to support the body through the flu and cold seasons. Many blends help boost immunity to prevent disease (like Thieves, Endoflex, and Juvaflex). Other oils are very helpful if you are so unfortunate as to get to sick (Raven, R.C., Di-Gize, and Melrose).

This kit is a must have to get through the cold and flu season without getting sick and/or polluting the body with toxic, over-the-counter drugs.



Di-Gize was formulated to improve the digestive system. The oils included in this blend; Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli; work as one to support this vital body system.

Alleviate indigestion, stomach cramps, upset stomach, belching, bloating, and heartburn, and morning sickness.

Apply topically over the stomach, using the Vita Flex point on the body, or at the bottom of the throat for gagging.

To alleviate morning sickness, use a single drop massaged on the outer ear.

Warning: Do not use if susceptible to epilepsy.



The immune system is heavily influenced and controlled by the endocrine system. By ensuring one’s endocrine system is healthy, the individual makes great progress in boosting one’s immunity also.

The oils in this blend; Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and German Chamomile; work together to support the glands of the body. This can stimulate weight loss, improve metabolic function, and boost the vitality of the body.

It also improves liver and kidney function, aiding the body in proper waste elimination. Use it as a diuretic.

It supports the adrenal glands and therefore increases energy levels. Because of this, it can be used to ward off the winter blues and feelings of depression.

Endoflex is wonderful when treating contagious diseases. It has cortisone properties and therefore can help reduce inflammation.

Endoflex is also effective at balancing the hormones. Use it support the female body as it goes to the changes of menopause. It is very effective against hot flashes.

Apply it topically over the thyroid (neck), kidneys, liver, pancreas (left side of stomach), all the glands, and the feet. May also take it internally as a suppliment by adding it to 4 ounces of water or milk and drinking slowly.

Warning: Use with caution if susceptible to epilepsy.


The oils in this blend aid the body in cleansing and detoxifying. This is very important when one is battling a virus. Viruses cause much toxicity in the body, that’s why doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids.

It can also neutralize allergies, balance heart function, reduce mental fatigue, and detox the liver.


Apply topically on the feet or over the liver. My also take it internally by adding it to 4 ounces of water or milk and drink slowly.



This blend of oils are powerful aids to the respiratory system. It has been effective in treating tuberculosis and pneumonia. It is also useful for upper respiratory problems and viral infections.

By breathing this or R.C. it helps to open the lungs and increase oxygen flow to the blood. May be great for people who are short of breathe from smoking or asthma.

Apply topically to the throat and chest. Breathe the oil in. Great to put on the pillow at night or while resting.

If unpleasant sensation is experienced, apply coconut oil or olive oil. Do not use water.



Not as powerful against viral infections as Raven, but extremely effective for treating allergies, colds, bronchitis, congestion, flu, cold sores, sinusitis, sore throat, and mucus.

A strong decongestant and works as an expectorant to discharge mucus from the lungs.

Dilates and opens the bronchial tract and improves circulation through the lungs.

Diffuse it to decongest, relieve allergy symptoms, and sinus or lung congestion.

Also may apply to the chest and back. Put on sinuses and inside nasal passages. (Put it on a q-tip and swipe the inside of the nose).

***Raven and R.C. are very similar in nature. Generally, Raven is most effective against viruses. R.C. is most effective against allergies and congestion.



The primary use of this blend is to regenerate damaged tissues. Use to help with skin abrasions, burns, rashes, cold sores, canker sores, and ear aches.

May apply to any damaged tissues, such as cuts, burns, or on the inside of the lip for a cold sore.

For ear aches, place 1-2 drops onto a cotton ball and place inside the ear.

Warning: this oil may be irritating to sensitive skin. If an unpleasant sensation is experienced, apply coconut oil or olive oil. Do not use water, as this will increase the burning by driving the oils deeper into the skin.



This popular and favorite blend is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-infectious, and a strong antiseptic.

Rubbing it over the thymus helps to stimulate the immune system (it is located in the center of the chest, just below the collar bone).

By applying it to the body topically or by ingesting it, this oil blend can protect the body from colds, viruses, and the flu.


Helps with sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs, strep throat, and cold sores.

You can use this in place of antibiotics without causing harm to the digestive system. Oral antibiotics kill all bacteria- good and bad. When taken, they cause significant damage to the digestive system by killing good bacteria needed for proper digestion. The oils contained in Thieves only harms pathogenic bacteria and fungus, leaving the healthy bacteria intact.

Warning: May cause extreme irritation to the skin when used topically. Dilute with coconut oil or olive oil.

How to Get the Golden Touch 1 Kit

1. Order a wholesale membership for $40.

You will receive a 5ml bottle of peppermint and lavender PLUS a coupon for $40 any diffuser (which would make the travel diffuser free!) That’s a lot more than what you get when you buy a Sam’s wholesale membership! You will have access to ALL Young Living products at wholesale prices (24% discount). You also gain access to their amazing rewards program, Essential Rewards, and have the option to create an additional stream of income.

You can then purchase the Golden Touch 1 kit for only $77.75 plus tax and shipping.

You will need my ID# of 1358892.

2. Buy the kit at retail price. You will pay $102.30 plus tax and shipping.

The Cost of Your Health

Many people may think that is a lot of money to spend. But when compared to how much money you spend going to the doctor (especially if you have a high deductible plan like us). The doctor will most likely tell you it’s a virus and you will have to let it run it’s course. He will then write you prescriptions that instead of healing the body, mask the symptoms while poisoning the body with toxic chemicals. After you spend all that money you are no closer to health and healing than before you went. But you are out a lot of money.

These oils are pure and create by God for us to use for our healing. They will heal your body without any damaging, toxic side effects.

I encourage you to order your kit before you get sick with the flu. Have it on hand so you don’t have to miss work or your children miss school.

If you have additional questions you may always request a complimentary one-on-one. Who knows… I might even give you a free lavender lip balm with your order. 😉


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