My House is Clean!

I am a terrible housekeeper. Laundry baskets are always full. We dig clothes out of baskets to wear. If we’re lucky enough for them to be clean. I vacuum, like, right before company comes over. I can’t seem to keep the floors picked up. If you’re ever been over to my house when I wasn’t planning for you to come over (and sometimes even when I was did plan), then you have seen the mayhem.

I received my Young Living oils in the mail about a week and a half ago. I use them all the time.

I have energy! Once the girls are in bed for a nap, I try to lay down and catch some “z’s” myself. Usually I would take a nap. But since I’ve been applying the oils, I’m up in a few minutes folding laundry! My house is clean. Dishes done. Floor picked up AND vacuumed. Laundry is done, folded, and put away. Kitchen table wiped off. It’s great!

Our bodies have electrical frequencies. It’s how our hearts beat. A normal, healthy person’s electrical frequency  usually measures around 68 MHz. When the body becomes sick, depressed, or if pain is present, the frequency drops. During the flu, a person’s frequency is around 58 MHz. Cancer can begin to grow when the frequency goes down below 42 MHz. The death process begins around 20 MHz. This is how animals can sense if you are sick, depressed, or even dying. They sense the change in frequency.

What we put in and on our bodies will affect their frequency. When eating foods with a frequency of 0, like all processed foods, this will lower the frequency of your body. Thus, making you susceptible to disease and sickness. However, fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher frequency, raising our own bodies’ frequencies. That is why we feel so much better when we eat healthier.

Because essential oils are so pure, concentrated, and potent, the frequency of these oils are very high. This in turn raises our own frequency once we apply them to our bodies. Thus, eliminating disease, raising energy levels, clearing the mind, and lifting the spirit.

I am excited about using these oils to heal our family. For the first time in a long time, I feel full of energy to do what I am called to do! And my house is even clean!!!


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