A New Blog & A New Journey

I think I’ve decided to just let it go. Maybe as Ruby grows and understands more, I can unwean her like I did Loretta. Who knows. But for right now, I think I’m just going to leave things be. She is gaining weight wonderfully and developing great! I’m thrilled!

I still have the desire to blog, but about other things going on about my life. I want to leave this blog here. It still receives quite a bit of traffic from people looking for answers. If my journey can in any way help someone else who is suffering, then it is all worth it.

My new blog will be all inclusive of me. What I’m doing with my kids, recipes, my journey with Young Living Essential Oils, Youth group, Sunday School, revelations from scripture, and probably other stuff too. Please consider following my new blog, The Fruitful Tree.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me, encouraged me, and supported me throughout this difficult time of my life. To a very large extent, you guys often gave me hope to keep going. One of my life goals is to become an IBCLC, so that I may help others just as many of you helped me. God bless you all!


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