The Next Step, If Any

A few days before visiting my family in Wisconsin, I went to a Young Living Oil party that a friend of mine hosted. During the party, Carrie Raab ministered to me greatly. I explained what Ruby has been through… also what I have been through with Ruby. She asked to pray over me and anointed me with an oil called “Peace and Calming.” As she prayed, I felt the power of the Holy Ghost rest on me and I began praying in the Spirit. We also prayed over Ruby.

She explained that our body stores emotions. When you have a bad experience and suffer emotionally as a result, the body stores that emotional pain somewhere in your physical body. I don’t fully understand this yet, but I listened.

My dear friend gave me some Peace and Calming oil to take home with me. I put it on myself and Ruby again before the hour long drive home. A sudden headache struck me. It lasted throughout the entire day. It was so severe I even missed church that night.

I usually would have gotten rid of the offending agent and be done, but remembering Carrie’s warning, I decided to keep trying it. The next morning, I put on more oil. My abdomen began to ache deep within me. After an hour, it was gone. I put on more oil. My knee hurt, and I struggled to walk. An hour later, I added more oil and my ankle and hip joined forces with my knee. I was a wreck and supposed to be packing for my trip to Wisconsin. It didn’t get done that day.

Although I had pain in my body, my Spirit was not grieved. I felt free. Thursday night, I put on my oil and had an emotional breakdown. Over nothing. I have no idea what I was crying about. I just know that I cried. A lot.

I awoke the next morning changed. I felt completely different. Although I still wished things were different with Ruby and our nursing relationship, for the first time ever, I was at total peace about it.I now understand that the pain I felt in my body the previous two days was a detox of the emotional pain that was locked within me.

I started putting the oil on Ruby. I don’t recall any change in behavior or any pain. But the day before I left for Wisconsin, she asked to nurse. Previously she would turn away violently from me when even brought close to my breast. This was huge!

She continues to ask to nurse. A few days ago, I was laying down in my bed nursing Loretta. She crawled onto the bed, laid down between us, pulled my other breast out of my shirt, and tried to latch on!

But here’s the problem…..

She bites.

Really hard.

I have no idea how to get past it. I have no idea how to teach her to nurse without biting. When I try to latch her on, she immediately bites me.

I have a decision to make. I am at peace with her not nursing. But I’m wondering if I should start looking for more answers and try to get her to nurse since she wants to do so. I don’t know what my next step is. Or if there should even be a next step.


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