The Stumblingblock of a Bite

Ruby takes the breast anytime I offer it, as long as she is sitting up and leaning in. She will not let me hold in her in the traditional nursing position, cradle. She does not latch on. She opens her mouth widely, and allows me to manually express milk into her mouth. She will do this for several minutes at a time, coming back for me.

The problem?

She bites! Hard!

Biting is nothing new for her. We have talked about this frequently. No matter what, it just seems that we can’t get past this stumbling block.

A few weeks ago, laying down in bed, she latched on! After two lovely sucks…


That’s where we are. She did the same thing to me last night in the tub. I’m hopeful that as she grows and learns what “no biting” means, we can have a nursing relationship.


2 responses

  1. Glad she’s making so much progress! My youngest was a biter and is only just now (at just over 3 years old) outgrowing it and learning better ways to cope with his need for oral stimulation. He bite me so much when we were nursing and nothing made him stop for good. After we were done nursing, he still bit. The best “remedy” for him was getting bitten by another little boy in the church nursery. I did not feel bad for him with all the biting he’d done in his little life. A taste of his own medicine really helped curb the biting, though I wouldn’t purposely have a child bite mine…it was just a nice side effect of kids being kids 🙂 Ruby will get there, I’m sure of it!

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