Progress on GAPS

My children and I have now been on the GAPS diet for a little over a month. It has been a rough month; It’s been expensive too. But we are witnessing amazing breakthroughs with Ruby! Sinse beginning the diet, she has started pointing, mimicking, exploring, talking…

Previously, Ruby would play a little bit, but was rarely focused. Now, she is into EV-ER-Y-THING! Closets, drawers, cabinets, baskets, boxes, bookcases, and more. She climbs like a little spider monkey. She has begun pretend playing with babydolls. A week ago, while holding a babydoll, she began clapping the hands together! She has learned to suck from a straw and drink from a cup. She has been helping us dress and undress her. The progress has been unbelievable.

Her eczema is almost completely cleared up. Before GAPS, Ruby’s back, stomach, and chest were covered in patches of it. Her eyes were typically swollen, red, and itchy. Occasionly her eyes become a little redened. There’s a few rough places on her back still. But you have barely tell.

The GI doctor ordered blood tests and stool samples. If nothing showed up on the tests, he suggested we go forward with an endoscopy (of which, I am NOT okay with). Her tests have come back normal! When he called to discuss the next step, I explained the wonderful progress we have made. He was amazed about her eczema clearing up. He recommended we continue to keep an eye on her weight so see if she begins to gain some. Of this, I am uncertain. We do not own a scale and Ruby hasn’t been weighed since the GI appointment several weeks ago.

We are currently on vacation in Wisconsin for a few weeks. Once we return, I intend to have her weighed. I am trusting God for a good report!


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