Early Steps Screening and Good News

Sinse we have become much more aggressive in eliminating corn, we have already seen improvement in Ruby! On Saturday, she started playing with my face and noticed my eyes. She has never done that before! She started clapping toys together. My mother-in-law bought her a soft baby doll and Ruby has pretend played with it quite a bit. Definite improvement!

Today at Early Steps, we had her screening. She passed in every area except communication. They will call me to schedule the full diagnostic. From there, most likely they will send someone out to the house once a week to do activities with her to get her caught up.

I asked the Doctor specifically about autism. She said that the reason my doctor suggested Autism was because Ruby couldn’t identify body parts or point. That is a tell tale sign. But the doctor did not believe Ruby to have autism because she did so well in several other areas. This is great news and I am breathing a heavy sigh of relief.


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    • Very sorry about the late response. We have been so busy on adjusting to the new diet we have started (GAPS) that I just haven’t been able to get online. So very sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope that you find help and/or encouragement from my website and story. What is your story? If you’d rather email me, my address is samanthaguerra223@gmail.com. Praying for you and your precious family.

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