Not So Good After All, But It Will All be Good in the End

Well, I thought things were looking up. Ruby has responded amazingly well to the new chiropractor’s treatments. She  has been maintaining her alignments and has been released to be seen on a “as needed” basis now. I had begun finger feeding her more frequently. She is very interested in the breast. She will let me squirt milk in her mouth and come back asking for more. I even contacted Leanna Weist, a CLC who is friends with Jennfier Tow, to see if we could get her to nurse again. We are supposed to get together sometime next week.

Then came Ruby’s 15 month check up…

…. And it didn’t go so well. (Surprise, surprise!)


She only gained 13 ounces in the last 2 months. So they are sending us to GI and there’s absolutely no getting out of it. What’s worse than that, is she is behind in several milestones. She isn’t pointing at anything, ever. She only says about 5 words. Can’t identify any body parts, and I’ve been trying to work with her on this for a while too. Doesn’t follow or seem to understand simple commands (expect come here, she seems to get that one). She doesn’t do any pretend play, like talking on the phone or playing with a baby doll.

The pediatrican recommended going to Early Steps. It’s a free program here in Florida for children who are behind. They offer a variety of therapies. That part isn’t so bad. The scary part is that they want me to go ahead and get her started on autism testing.

If she does have autism, I don’t think it’s severe. She smiles a lot and maintains eye contact. But there are definitely warning signs that concern me. There is a long waiting list to get in so that’s why they want me to go ahead and start the process. Still…. it’s scary.

After talking to a friend who is nothing shy of an expert on food allergies, I think that is still the root of our problem. My friend’s husband is allergic to corn (as is Ruby). She has done a tremendous amount of research and explained to me that we haven’t eliminated corn fully.

Apparantly the goat milk we were getting from Whole Foods, the goats are fed corn. So that’s a good start. But it just goes down from there.

Corn is in everything. And when I say everything, I mean, EV-ER-Y-THING! The cows and chickens at the farm are fed it. So the meat and eggs at the store contain it. Vegetables like tomatos and apples are coated with a protective wax to prevent bruising during transportation- yup, corn! Bananas are picked while green and gassed with corn to ripen them. Canned foods, juices, trailmixes, etc have asorbic acid or cirtic acid in them to work as a preservative. You’ll never guess! Oh, wow… you guessed it… it’s a derivative from corn. The “So Delicous” brand of coconut milk I drink, the products that are shipped to them for them to make the milk are derivatives of corn. Nothing is safe!

Thankfully, my allergy-expert friend, Tracy, is part of a co-op. All our meat and vegetables have to come from there. Even still, organic grocery items contain preservatives and derivatives of corn.

My sweet mother-in-law decided to fly in next week to help me out. She knows how to do canning. So while she is here are plan to make some tomato sauce, jellies, etc and can them.

I’ve contacted Jennifer Tow. We will be doing a consult with her on what else we need to do to heal myself, Ruby, and the rest of the family. I’m looking forward to what she will say.

Even though things were pretty scary at first, God is putting the pieces together for us. At the end of all this, we’ll come out better than if it had never happened. “All things work together for good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28. In the meantime, please pray for our family as we deal with some more very uncomfortable lifestyle changes.


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  1. I know how scary having the autism talk is, I’ve had it more than once with the pediatrician about my oldest. At 15 months he had plenty of vocabulary but no communication, hardly ever responded to his name, no pretend play (even at 4 he struggles with that), constantly was spinning things that were not meant to be spun that way, and so on. He still walks on his toes too. We’ve taken a wait and see approach and of course done diet changes (thankfully corn is not one of his numerous issues). He still has a number of autistic like traits and some days I’m convinced he’s got asperger’s but with age and tons of work it’s gotten a LOT better and while social skills are not his strong suit and expressive communication is a challenge despite his expansive vocabulary for a 4 year old, he’s making great strides at home so don’t be discouraged. Also, a trip to the ENT may be useful as one of my son’s issues was chronic fluid that contributed to his lack of response to his name and other things. It never was infected though but it did cause a hearing loss and with Ruby still reacting to food, her ears could be clogged making hearing and speech difficult. Praying for you as you try and get rid of corn completely and go through all the early intervention steps (they really do help! My littlest had occupational therapy starting at 15 months and it was amazing how quickly he responded). You can’t see the end now but God has a special purpose for little Ruby!

      • Yes we should! I can’t believe how busy this year has been for us. I know where you are, how scary that is, I’ve been there too, but it does get better and easier with time and lots of work. I know that with proper diet and resources, Ruby will grow and thrive like you never imagined possible 🙂 Ruby is blessed to have you as her mommy and advocate for sure! Let me know how the GI appointment goes and who you see. We see Dr. George there. He’s more medically minded than Progressive but he’s good at what he does and I respect his opinion (though I don’t always agree and just keep that to myself). We are blessed to have such great children’s medical resources here.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Erica, I know you don’t know me from Eve but I am also a corn allergic individual nursing and raising a corn allergic child. I just wanted to offer my help, if you ever need any help with brainstorming and trying to determine if something might be problematic. I also have a blog on wordpress with more details about corn allergy, derivatives and cross contamination issues and I’m a member of the Delphi Forum: Avoiding Corn.

    Corn is in everything, you’re right and it’s not just limited to food and preparation.

    I wish you good luck with your avoiding corn journey! 🙂

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