Emptying the Breast

As you already know, Loretta is nursing now. She has been for a month now. She typically nursing 2 times a day. She usually just comfort nurses, transferring little to no milk. But things have gotten better the past few days.

Last night she actually emptied the breast! I pumped about an hour after she nursed and less than an ounce was left in the breast after waiting an hour. Today she is sick and has been nursing all day.

This is very exciting! Next week is when I will begin to wean off of domperidone. I have been very concerned about my supply. I’m still pretty sure my supply will go down, but with her emptying the breast at least twice a day, this is very encouraging!

As for Ruby nursing, I haven’t tried again in a while. I occasionally play games with her and encourage her not to be afraid of the breast anymore. That is going well. Just trying to make my boobs a happy place at this point. Even if she did go back to the breast at this point, her jaw is still misaligned so she wouldn’t be able to nurse well anyway.


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