GI Avoided!

Yesterday, January 26, was Ruby’s follow-up weight check. If she didn’t gain enough weight to please the doctor, then we would have to take her GI.

I’m excited to say that Ruby was 14 lbs and 12oz! She gained 12 ounces in a month. That was on an empty stomach. If she had a bottle before being weighed, she would have been 15 lbs. The doctor was thrilled! We don’t have to come back for any more weight checks. Her next appointment will be a 15-month well check.

Praise God!

So while Ruby is gaining weight, I’m loosing it! This morning I was 130lbs! I have lost 15 pounds since cutting out corn and gluten a month ago. I haven’t weighed this little since a year after I got married, 6 years ago. My ultimate goal is to reach 110 pounds. That sounds ridiculous, but that’s the ideal weight for someone my height and age. I’m not loosing weight by any crazy diet. This isn’t a diet at all! It’s embracing a healthy lifestyle.

When I first quit gluten in mid-December (yes, I had a gluten-free Christmas), I craved it CONSTANTLY! It was horrible. I wanted a pizza so bad! But now that I’ve been without gluten coming up on six weeks, the craving has gone away. Now I’m focusing on the yeast. Hopefully the sugar cravings will go away too. I plan to fast again this coming Monday and do the detoxing drinks. Then start back on the strict diet.


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