We Figured it Out!

So we all know there is a problem with Ruby. The child eats plenty, but isn’t gaining weight. The pediatrician wants to send her to GI. I’m extremely nervous about this because I generally don’t agree with the philosophy and belief system of modern medicine. So getting more doctors involved, of which, their nature is heavily based on prescribing medicines and performing surgeries, makes me very on edge. But I can’t go into my pediatrician and say, “we know something is wrong, we don’t know what, but we aren’t taking her to GI.” Know what I mean?

Midnight, the day of the appointment, I received a text message from my friend. She had been watching “Cupcake Wars” and saw them make a special gluten-free cupcake. The customer had celiac disease. She had never heard of celiac so her curiosity was sparked and she began to do some research. She found several sources that stated that gluten sensitivity (not just celiac) may manifest itself by the body’s inability to absorb nutrients.

When she told me this, it was like a wave of revelation washed over me. It makes total sense!!!! During the summer, I was eating almost completely gluten, dairy, and corn free. And she gained weight beautifully! It wasn’t until August when I went to Youth Congress, that I became lazy about it. By September, I had completely slipped back into my old eating habits. The growth curve, matches these diet changes exactly!

We did blood testing on her for allergies. The tests all came back negative. But false negatives and very common, especially common in infants. The only way to tell for sure if there is a sensitivity, is by elimination diet. The day of the tests, I went to a strict, gluten-free, dairy-free diet. But the corn connection wasn’t there yet. On Christmas, my mom made dressing from corn meal and gluten-free flour. Ruby ate some and broke out with a HORRIBLE rash on her bottom. It’s still there and healing. Then it clicked for me. I also stopped eating corn during the summer.

At Ruby’s weight check, she had only gained 5 ounces. But I had only been off corn for 4 days. The doctor said she will hold off on GI one more time. She is giving us a month. In a month, we take her back for a weight check. If her weight isn’t on track at that point, then we have agreed to GI. But I am confident that we have figured out that problem and that things are getting back on track.


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