While I’m Waiting

It’s been a while sinse I’ve had a chance to sit down at the computer and blog. Oh, how I miss it! Not too much has gone on sinse I last blogged. Right now we’re playing the waiting game.

I’m so thankful that we know what the problem is now. It’s been the problem all along. I thought the tongue tie was the biggest problem (and no doubt it definitely was a significant problem). But I knew all along there must be something else going on.

Loretta had a posterior tongue tie. I nursed her with a nipple shield until she was about 4 months old. By then her tongue grew and she was able to transfer milk without hurting me. We went on to have a great nursing relationship. So why would a tongue tie in Ruby make such a big deal? Moreover, why would she transfer milk great some times but not so great at others? God spoke the answer to me in the middle of the night, while we were in the hotel in Ft Myers.

Ruby has a misaligned jaw. Why? I’m not sure about that. I guess it could have been caused by the tongue tie. I’m not sure. But all we need to do to be able to let this poor baby feed without pain, is fix the jaw!

Ruby has seen the chiropractor about this several times. There is immediate improvement in sucking. She doesn’t loose the seal. It’s great. But by the time we get home, it’s back out of alignment again. *grrr*

We live an hour away from the chiropractor. So it’s not reasonable or affordable to go 3x a week. It’s just not. So I’m praying that Tim Reep, the CST guy, will come to my rescue. Except he’s out of town. Bummer.

My next appointment with him is Tuesday, December 13. But this will be an extra special visit with him. Why, you ask? Because Mandy from TemptestBeauty will be with me! Yes, that’s right! She’s driving down Sunday night and will stay a few days with me. Tim plans to try to help her Ruby Kate along with my Ruby Sue.

So for right now….

….I’m just waiting.


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