Ruby Turned One!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. But then again, I can! It has been a long, hard year. Talk about a paradigm shift! A worldview shattering! Wow, what a year!

I always believed that there wasn’t a reason a baby couldn’t nurse. Babies were born to nurse! Or so I was taught. Now, I certainly know better! Tongue Tie, misaligned jaw, cleft palate. Those are the ones I know of. But I’m sure there are probably more reasons why a baby can’t nurse.

I have learned and grown a great deal this year. I have come upon the largest challenge that life has ever handed me. And I still haven’t backed down! Not by might, nor by power, but only by God’s Spirit have I been able to keep on.

I have also learned about the importance of taking care of myself and my family. Mainly, in reference to diet. I have changed and am still changing our eating habits. I have learned that tongue ties, among many other things, are caused by a folate deficiency. Folate is found in eggs, liver (yuck! Haven’t tried learning to like this one yet), green leafy vegetables, and other things. Basically things that my diet previously wasn’t full of. It is now! I still have a long way to go to be where I want to be. But I’ve come a long way! Thank God! I’m thinking about including the diet changes in this blog. Is that something y’all would enjoy learning about and following me through? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, Ruby turned one a few days ago. She is such a big girl. She’s walking now. Eating foods. Playing. Growing up. We had her party a week early because my in-laws were in town then. More pictures and videos are coming. But here’s a sneak peak.


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