Donor Milk!

My supply seems to have topped off at around 20 ounces a day. Which I’m thrilled about!!!! But it still isn’t enough. When I pulled the second to last bag of stored breast milk out of my freezer the other day, I knew something had to give.

I talked to my husband about getting milk donated. (Goat milk season is over now). He had concerns about that. But he agreed to allow it as long as I pasteurized it. (More on how to do that coming in a later post.)

So I posted on a few mom’s groups about Ruby’s need for breast milk. Before the night was over, I had a mom ready to donate 80 ounces to me! I went to her house and picked it up the next day!

I’ve been thinking and thinking about what we could do for her, but nothing seemed to fit. While up pumping tonight, I had a poem come to me.

So here it is:

The Gift of Life Poem:

Liquid gold poured from a small bag

Pure, complex, and white

It may come from stranger, but now friend

It is the gift of life


Unable to nurse or pump enough, to feed my little one

– It’s such a scary thing!

But with your help the battle was won

There’s victory in each bag you bring.


The battle for her health

To preserve her virgin gut

It may not seem like much to others,

But to us it means a lot!


Impossible to repay

Life is invalueable!

Your have given us a part of your life

I am so very grateful


Unable to think of how to repay; gifts, cards, or favors

-none seem to compare

To the gift you gave my little one

You have a heart filled deeply with care


So I’m writing you this poem

– it may not be much

But from every recieving mom around the globe

We thank you as such!


Thank  you for your time

Thank you for your strife

To pump those ounces of liquid gold

Thank you for giving our babies life!


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  1. Human Milk 4 Human Babies and Eats on Feets are also good places to post about needing donor milk. Both pages are on Facebook and should have a page for your state.

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