WeightLoss, Sucking Problems, & GI Appointment

Watch this video for the update.


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  1. Samantha, I am so sorry things are going so up and down and just difficult! One thing with Isaiah that we didn’t know about at the time we had our nursing issues is he has low muscle tone which affects all his muscles and looking back contributed to his sucking problems. To this day, at 2 1/2 he still struggles with chewing food just due to how much strength it takes to chew certain things. Maybe part of the problem isn’t just her mouth but her muscles in general? Isaiah hit all his milestones within the appropriate time frame even though I had inklings his muscles weren’t quite right starting at 5 months old. His hypotonia is mild though which is why he could hit things in a proper time frame though his fine motor skills did lag behind enough that he had occupational therapy for 5 months from 15-20 months old. Maybe she could benefit from speech, occupational or physical therapy. I don’t think it’s a GI issue either from what I understand of the situation (I have a kid with GI issues and Ruby is nothing like him) but I think the ped. is just trying to get weight on her and it’s getting beyond their abilities to monitor and treat as she gets older and older. How much does she weigh now? Anyways, those are my thoughts from what I wish I knew when Isaiah was younger (we found out about his hypotonia at 13 months old right after we weaned and put the pieces together from there…a lot of stuff made a lot more sense).

    • I’m not sure about the muscle tone thing. Everyone she has seen (occupational therapist, peds, chiro, CST) all say she has really good muscle tone everywhere else. I’m glad to hear that based on your experience, her problems dont seem related to GI. I think the peds are just trying to cover their butts in case something ever happens. Makes me hate the culture of medicine and suing hat has been created.

      Haven’t had a chance to do another update yet. But I back to thinking that there’s nothing actually wrong. She just wants to get down and play. I think that bc after the video update, I had the idea of turning the ceiling fan on low and feeding her where she could watch it. It works every time and her suck is much better. Not as strong as Loretta’s, but I think Loretta could have drawn milk out of a marble slab. LoL. So I think she just wants to play more than eat.

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