Wrong Association

Last night I filled up the SNS to feed Ruby and Loretta was still awake. Loretta said, “baby nurse.” So I asked her, “You want baby to nurse?” Loretta responded with a resounding “YES!”

Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

So I picked Ruby up and offered her the breast, expressed some milk in her mouth and she latched on. I had just finished pumping (of course) so I had my husband grab the SNS and try to slide it into Ruby’s mouth while nursing her.

As soon as Ruby saw the SNS, she unlatched, grabbed my finger, and put it in her mouth. Then it hit me!

She stopped nursing because she associates the SNS with finger feeding! This excites me because I’m thinking if I use something other than the SNS at the breast, maybe she’ll take it.


It just so happens that another mom sent me a Lact-Aid to try several months ago. I haven’t been  using it because it is a little cumbersome to set up while you’re out of the house. Now I’m glad I didn’t use it because hopefully now I can use it to nurse Ruby. I’m thinking that it would be good if she will continue to associate the SNS with finger feeding in case she needs more work later on with suck training. Then we can use the Lact-Aid for nursing.


One response

  1. My daughter had a posterior tongue tie and difficulty nursing. She had a laser surgery done which helped a lot. There were times when she went on “nursing strikes.” A lactation consultant told me to get in a warm bath with her and just hold her skin to skin in the water for a while and then try to breastfeed. It worked and the nursing strike ended. I just thought I would pass this along in hopes it may help you and your sweet Ruby.

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