Good News for Another Ruby

For several months now I’ve been following another blogger who was struggling to nurse her tongue-tied baby named Ruby also.

After several months of struggling, clipping her tongue twice, dealing with pain while nursing, biting, refusing the breast, and more… I just read a post with some great news.

Her and her Ruby have now been nursing exclusively for two weeks!

I am so proud of her and happy for her! I could just bust! Anyway…

I was news I really needed to hear. I’ve been pretty down about our situation lately but have been trying to keep it to myself as much as I could. I strive to have a thankful heart even during rough times. I just keep telling myself, “I may ot be where I want to be in all of this, but I sure have come a long way!”

I havent been doing the things that i know i should be lately. I just finger feed Ruby howeer instead of holding her near my bare breast. I havent even been offering her the breast either. Pumping is nightmare. I hate it, don’t get much anyway, and so i have a bad attitude about it. I havent been pumping, like I should so my supply is even more pathetic than it was before. I’m down to 8oz a day. It’s my own fault and I willingly admit it.

Hearing about Mandy’s success has given me courage to press on. So here’s an updated plan:
*pump every two hours during the day
*actually get up at night to pump at least once (no, I havent been doing that. Im terrible for it, I know)
*take domperidone
*offer Ruby the breast toward the end of each feeding (unless in public… Kinda hard to nurse under a cover with a SNS. Cant be descrete enough to feel comfortable nursing uncovered. I dont forsee Ruby liking the cover either.)
*when not in public, I will feed Ruby at my bare breast

It’s good to regroup and refocus. Really, I’ve come too far to give up now. I think I’ve just become too comfortable with where we are and have also let fear of failure and pain hold me back. Time to start working again.


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  1. Getting up at night to pump is HARD. I know, I do it. Sometimes when that alarm goes off at 1:30, I just hit it and go back to sleep. I pay for it hours later when I wake up uncomfortably full and have to spend even MORE time on the pump to drain my breasts to the best of the pump’s ability. I hate having to EP, but I do it for Bethany. Even better that I get to help other babies with all the excess milk I make (Fridays I get upwards of 40 extra oz, the rest of the time 15-20 extra)!

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