Becoming a Discoverer of Food

I grew up a super picky eater. I was horrible about it. I didn’t like being a picky eater, but I felt like I couldn’t help it. I dreaded comments from relatives or friends’ mothers about it too. “You don’t eat salad? What kind of person doesn’t eat salad? I’ve never known one!” “You want only ketchup on your hamburger? No mustard or pickles?! That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.” I was always embarrassed about it. I wanted to be different, but didn’t know how.

A few years ago I decided to just keep trying something I don’t like, and over time I may learn to like it. So I did! I learned to eat grapes, apples, and even broccoli. But I still didn’t eat many fruits and vegetables. Especially not raw.

Jennifer Tow and I discussed this. After asking about my upbringing, she came to a conclusion about all this that I’ve never thought of before. I was formula fed until I was three months old. Due to severe constipation, my mom put me ‘. She followed the doctors orders and started me on rice cereal at four months old. I was fed jarred baby food mostly after that. I grew up on processed foods mostly, which are very bland and lack texture.

Jennifer suggested that it wasn’t that I didn’t like all the healthy foods, but that I’m accustomed to not being able to taste my food hardly at all. When I do taste real food with real texture, it’s so strong that my taste buds kinda freak out.

This has caused me to rethink my likes and dislikes of food. Whenever I’m going to eat something, I tell myself, “you are about to taste something. When you taste it, take some time to analyze what you are tasting before you decide if you like it or not. Just because it is strong, does not mean it is bad.” And it’s worked!

I actually like raw tomatoes now! Not just tolerate it when it goes in my mouth, but I LIKE them! At Subway the other day I ordered spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and red wine vinegar on my turkey sub. That’s not a perfect meal (I know it has gluten and salt from deli meat and all that….) But it’s a whole lot better than the “pizza” sub I would always order previously (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and meatball sauce, and that’s it!)

Anytime I try a new food or food that I previously didn’t like, I tell myself, “You need to be a discoverer of food!” and it has changed my eating habits and lifestyle dramatically!


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