Ruby’s Natural Lip “Clipping”

Last Sunday (September 11), we were all in the living room, meeting with our college campus ministry group. Ruby crawled into the kitchen to play. Ruby loves to explore and play all by herself. Her older sister never did this, so I find it refreshing to not have the task of entertaining her all day.

Then we hear the crash and the thud, followed by a brief silence (very brief). Next comes the screaming.

I pick Ruby up and walk back into the living room. She falls often because she is trying to stand up by herself. I don’t think anything of it until I see the blood on her shirt. Lots of it. It bled for a long while. I fed her to calm her down. She ate for a while and was calm. It was still bleeding. I fed her again. It was still bleeding. But she was calm so we decided to wait five minutes before getting concerned. Sure enough, just before the five minutes were up the bleeding stopped.

Thus, Ruby’s upper lip frenulum was clipped. I presume she fell on the edge of the child size wooden picnic table my step dad made Loretta, although I’m not sure. Either way, she has a much better seal when she eats now. She takes in less air and doesn’t have to burp as much as previously.


One response

  1. I’ve been told the upper lip frenulum bleeds a ton when it’s broken. Isaiah’s hasn’t clipped itself yet and every time I see a bloody mouth it’s the first place I look. I keep waiting for it to happen. Glad her seal is better after it “clipped” itself 🙂 It’s the one thing I wish I would have done looking back on what I went through with Isaiah but I didn’t know about it until he was 18 months old and the dentist told me. Maybe you are now one step closer to getting her back on the breast!!!

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