Good News at Last!!!

For a few days, I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to fully break up the adhesion under Ruby’s tongue. I called Dr. Sullivan again and we discussed potentially rearranging the world to get Ruby in to see her Tuesday.

But yesterday while I was doing the exercises to her tongue, I felt another pop. And she cried pretty hard. It wasn’t much fun. But I think I got the last of the adhesion loose. When I feel under her tongue now, I don’t feel a tie anymore. She has great mobility.

She still struggles to eat. I think that is because it is painful for her to use her tongue and also because she hasn’t really learned how to use her tongue. I texted Dr. Sullivan this morning. We probably aren’t going in Tuesday. But I would still like her to look at Ruby soon just to make sure all is well under her tongue and to put my mind at ease.


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