Reopening Ruby’s Tongue Clipping

Dr. Sullivan called me back yesterday. Based on what I told her, she suggested that the problem was,  indeed, the tongue was healing back together.

So I got the lovely task of reopening the tongue clipping. Yay! I would need adult strength Orajel and some cotton gauze.

Step 1: Apply Orajel to the underside of the tongue. Wait five minutes.

Step 2: Wrap cotton gauze around my finger.

Step 3: Push my finger under her tongue, as far back as possible, then lift up. Hold for a few seconds.

Step4: Stop the bleeding by trying to feed her (the sucking action helps to stop the bleeding).

Step 5: Crawl into my husband’s lap and cry.

Yeah, not gonna lie, it was pretty bad. She bled. It kinda made me sick. Anyway, I have to keep doing this several times a day for a week to make sure it doesn’t heal back.


It did the trick! She immediately engaged her tongue properly. She’s already had three bowel movements.

Dr. Sullivan is also planning to contact Kate Valerie at Wolfson’s Children Hospital. She heard from another LC (I don’t know who) that she is really good. She is a physical therapist that also does craniosacrial therapy (CST).

Next week I will be able to see Dr. Sullivan and Elaine again to check Ruby’s progress.


4 responses

  1. Hi, someone just gave me the link to your blog when I posted on Facebook about my daughter just being diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie at 18 weeks. I just want to say THANK YOU for having this. I have been so discouraged, thinking I was doing something wrong with all the pain and problems we had up till she completely stopped nursing abruptly at 10 weeks old. I’m reading back and back and back in your blog, going “uh huh, uh huh, that sounds familiar” so thank you again….

    Amanda and Bethany

    • I really hope it blesses you and helps you. I’m still believing God is going reveal to me a way to get Ruby back to the breast. Not just for us, but to help others too. This has become something much larger and more important than just me and Ruby. I feel like if I were to give up now that I’d be giving up on all PTT babies out there, not just Ruby.

    • Glad you made it over here Amanda! Yay for The Leaky Boob. 🙂 Samantha, thanks again- I know I’ve said this before- I have no personal experience. The biggest issue I’ve had is sore nipples. But thank you so much for sharing your experience- I believe God means for us to help others and I’m glad I got to be a step in this connection.

  2. Wow.. Reading stuff like this makes me realize just how blessed I am to have no problems with my daughter! So many moms out there not only have the tongue tied issue, but worse! Diseases, cancers, underdeveloped organs, disabilities etc… Thank you to god for blessing me with a healthy child! You women are awesome who have to deal with this kind of stuff!

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