Something STILL isn’t right!

So everything seemed great and wonderful… But now we’re having trouble AGAIN!

I called Dr. Sullivan and left a message. Hopefully she’ll call me back soon.

I think Ruby’s tongue tie grew back or something. Saturday I noticed she only had two bowl movements (compared to the 6 a day she was having). Yesterday she only had one.  Sunday, I had to start putting pressure on her tongue again while she was eating in order to get her to move it. I haven’t been able to stop. Actually, I’m having to put more and more pressure on her tongue each day. Sunday she also started having milk leak out the side of her mouth again.

This morning I got brave enough to face the reality that it may still be tied or have grown back together. I reached under her tongue and it feels just like it did before the last clipping.


Will this ever end? I don’t want to wait until she can’t eat again before we try to do something about it. I’m very nervous about seeing an ENT again. But Dr. Sullivan said that would most likely be our next step if the last clipping didn’t work.

Sooooooooooooooo tired of this drama. So very, very tired of it. I feel like I’m caught in the movie “Ground Hog’s Day.”


One response

  1. It will be alright. Remember these things happen for a reason. Just keep on keeping on. The Lord will always do what is best for us. We continue to pray for our beautiful grand-daughters and both you and Michael. Love you!
    Trusting in the Lord

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