Still finger feeding, need more ideas!

Ruby has been eating via finger feeding with SNS for almost three weeks now. That sounds bad, but it really isn’t all that bad. I actually enjoy it. It doesn’t bother me and I don’t feel that it’s cumbersome either. She is continuing to gain weight well. All is good…

…Except that she’s still finger feeding! I’m so close to nursing, but just not there yet. It’s frustrating and hard to keep patience.

Ruby still doesn’t want to nurse. Kicks, pushes me away, cries, clinches her jaws shut, etc when I try to bring her to the breast.

Someone suggested I try dabbing vanilla on my breasts. It worked for a few days, but I was home alone. I need another person with me to really get her on, because I need one hand to hold her head, one to hold the breast and tube for the supplementer, and a third hand to push milk through the syringe. I was supposed to have a friend come over and help me but it fell through. And Stupid me tried doing it myself because I got impatient. I wasn’t able to feed her effectively by myself, so Ruby got frustrated and now won’t even attempt the breast any more, even with vanilla.

So now I’m out of ideas and need some fresh ones to try. Anyone have any great ideas?


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