Stuck In the Middle

Ruby has been doing very well finger feeding using the Medela SNS. We even go out in public and feed her this way. She has been at it for 6 days now. I have seen substantial progress!

Day 1:

  • Weak suck
  • Moved tongue very little
  • Positioned my finger in the back of her throat, passed the soft spot
  • Pooped frequently had form to it
  • Ate 1-1.5 ounces in about twice as long as a bottle feeding
  • Lost down to 10 lb 10.5 oz
  • Much stronger suck (now using the smallest size tube)
  • I feel her tongue lapping the milk into the back of her throat
  • Positions my finger in the proper place
  • Her stool has been liquid since day 3
  • Eats the same amount that she did from a bottle in about the same time
  • Back up to 11 lb

I am very excited about our progress. Orginally I was bummed that she was stuck in the middle for so long. Being patient and content was difficult. Now I am very glad that she didn’t go straight to the breast. We needed this vital step in order to be successful.

The Medela SNS is a pain to use. I have been interested in trying the Lact-Aid, but didn’t want to spend that much money unless I was certain it was a worthy investment. Then I had someone email me, and offer to mail hers to me since she didn’t need it anymore! Yay! for awesome support from other Moms. I have never met this mom before and yet she is interested in helping me! I am truly amazed by the support which God has brought my way! There are still good, honest, loving people out there who care about people, even those they have never met. I am looking forward to trying out the Lact-Aid she mailed me. Maybe it will prove to be more user friendly than the Medela SNS.

During  most feedings, I try to latch Ruby onto the breast towards the end of the feeding. Sometimes she takes it for a little while (1-2 minutes), other times she doesn’t. When I finger feed her, I pull my breast out of my shirt, turn her toward it, and place my nipple next to her mouth. I want her to become used to it again and associate it with eating.

I would really like to get her back to the breast before we leave Tuesday for Youth Congress (Colombus, OH). Truly, can’t see myself feeding her with my finger there. I picture myself breastfeeding. It’s a difficult thing to balance faith and reality. I believe in miracles. But I also want to be reasonable about my expectations.

For now, I am prepared to travel while being Stuck in the Middle. But I’m also still hoping for a miracle.


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