Calcium Isn’t the Problem

I emailed Jennifer to tell of my supply woes and possible culprit (lack of calcium). This is the response from her.

There is no reason to think that calcium has anything to do with your milk supply dropping.

For one thing, you have a better source of calcium in the herbs in your tea than you ever did from cow milk, which contains so much phosphorous that it blocks much of the uptake of calcium. Most foods that seem to positively impact milk supply are rich in micronutrients and minerals or healthy fats. Eat coconut oil–a lot of it. Grind hemp seeds or chia seeds into your smoothies. Almonds (raw and soaked) are high in calcium. Get some Nigella sativa–black cumin seeds and eat them. If you ordered the cod liver oil–eat it. You need healthy fats, not cow milk!

Your body needs mag to utilize calcium–take Natural Calm.

You need enough D–1000 iu per 25lb bodyweight. Have your levels tested and adjust from there.

You can drink 2tbsp apple cider vinegar in water about 20minutes before meals to help your body be more efficient at digestion.

You can, if you want, also drink some of the raw goat milk, but I prefer moms try to limit the exposure so as not to develop an allergen in the baby.

Hope that helps.

Jennifer Tow, IBCLC, France
Intuitive Parenting Network, LLC

So I’m thinking maybe vitamin D may be the problem. Plan to call my midwife about testing my levels tomorrow. In the mean time, I bought two huge gallons of whole cows milk from Wal-Mart. I plan to drink both today because they have vitamin D.

Just kidding, Jennifer!

So I’m upping my vitamin D. Hoping that will work. I will have to wait until Thursday to get the hemp seeds (whatever those are- I have a lot to learn apparently!)


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