Bach Flowers: A Spilt Miracle

In a skype conversation with Jennifer, she recommended we try using Bach flowers on Ruby and me to try to reverse the negative association with nursing.

Bach was a doctor in the 1920s and 1930s that had a fascination with flowers. He also believed that the emotional well being of a person directly affected their physical health. Several years and thousands of flowers later, Bach developed a system of 38 flowers, each addresses a different emotional distress.

You can read about Bach flowers here.

While reading through the website, it mentioned their product called “Rescue Remedy” for kids. Kristen Gartner told me about this product (Again, I really should listen to these people the first time!) I never purchased it because it’s a little expensive and I didn’t really understand it so I never bothered to try it.

Well now that I understand it, I figured I’d give it a try. We thought there may be a need to clip more of Ruby’s tongue today (which is pretty stressful), so I picked some up on the way to see the doctor today.

While waiting in the lobby to be called back, I pulled out my brand new bottle of Rescue Remedy, filled the dropper with the designated amount, and proceeded to give it to Ruby. I held the bottle in the same hand of the arm that Ruby’s head was cradled in while using the opposite hand to administer the remedy (do you see where this is going?).

Ruby arched her back and I responded by trying to straighten her AND DUMPED THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE BOTTLE ON THE GROUND!

Yes! All $15 of it. On the ground. In the carpet. Which I guess is a good thing, because if it hadn’t immediately begun to soak into the carpet I would have gathered as much of it up as possible and try to put it back in the bottle (that wouldn’t make a scene, now would it?).


It worked. The $15 dose of the precious liquid worked. We were taken back to the room a few moments later. We weighed her, talked a little, then tried to put her to the breast. Reluctantly, she began to nurse. Then She stayed on (this is without a supplementer too). She nursed for about 8 minutes.

So I am very excited and hopefully that Jennifer may be onto something here. During our skype conversation we talked different emotions that I think Ruby is feeling and I am feeling. She made a list of 7 different flowers she will combine into one bottle for us.


Star of Bethlehem


Cherry Plum





I’m Looking forward to getting my Bach Flowers from Jennifer. Hopefully these won’t become another spilt miracle.


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