The Wonders of Gentian Violet

Several weeks ago when Ruby first started her nursing strike, there was a white spot on her top gum. I thought it was a tooth coming in. Well, a week and a half later, Kristen Gartner (my LC here) said it wasn’t a tooth. It looked like thrush to her. I upped Ruby’s probiotics and didn’t think anything of it.

Then about 3 days ago I became very sore. VERY sore. I even took a pregnancy test because I was so sore. It came back negative, of course (Thank you, Jesus!). Then this morning it hit me. Duh! It makes sense that I would have thrush too.

So I dabbed on some gentian violet (which I was told it is better to use coconut oil), and went on about my day. It was time to pump, so I laid Ruby on the floor next to me with some toys and prepped myself for the task.

When Ruby saw the gentian violet on me, her eyes lit up with curiosity. I thought, “well here’s a good opportunity.” So I brought her to the breast. Instead of having her usual meltdown when I do this, she actually latched right on and started nursing. She immediately got a flow of milk.

Alas, she had just eaten and wasn’t hungry. She actually spit up shortly after this. But that was HUGE progress! So apparently I just need to just paint my breasts different colors and she’ll be interested. LoL. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes. It keeps you from loosing your sanity.


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