I Love Myself and My Family More

The video consult with Jennifer Tow yesterday was amazing. I truly have hope for Ruby Sue. Even if we can’t get her back to the breast on Wednesday, I’m not giving up. She has given me a thorough plan. I feel like this is truly a recipe for success. I will post the plan in detail a little later.

One of the concerns Jennifer expressed is my milk supply. I was under the mistaken impression that I wasn’t pumping/hand expressing enough milk because I wasn’t breastfeeding and my supply went down. Although there is some truth to this, there is more…

The digestive track of a living organism determines the life of the organism. Sickness, illness, pain, health, mental stability, moods, milk supply, skin conditions, strength of your nails, shine of your hair, and more are all determined by your digestive track.

I did believe there was some truth to the above statement, but was also skeptical. Not anymore.

If your digestive track is sick, it can’t absorb nutrients properly. It releases toxins into your blood stream. These toxins manifest themselves by impurities on the skin. Acne. Eczema. Cradle cap. The toxins float around your body, reeking havoc. In an attempt to lessen the damage, the body retains large amounts of water to dilute the toxins. The inflammation from the retained water causes pain. Headaches. Migraines. Back pain. Arthritis.

It gets worse. Much worse, I’m afraid. The inflammation also moves to the brain. Causing mental disorders. Depression. ADD/ADHD. Memory laps. Inability to Focus. Severe mood swings. Even Autism.

Coming back to the milk supply issue….

If my body is sick because it cannot absorb nutrients properly, isn’t getting nutrients from a poor diet, and is fighting the ever loosing battle of toxins, then it cannot  produce milk. At least not easily. The herbs that are taken to increase milk supply do so because they are herbs that heal the gut. By healing the intestinal track, my body can produce milk.

It is important that I diligently care for my digestion. That means adding healthy foods. Eliminating toxic foods. Foods such as my favorites.

Glutin and Dairy.

For those of you who know me personally, KNOW what a hard thing this will be for me. I drink 2-3 gallons of cow’s milk a week. I LOVE bread, cakes, pasta, pizza… and the list continues. But look what I’m doing to my body! I’m 60 pounds overweight. I struggle with back pain constantly. My house is trashed because I have little energy. My memory is awful. Depression is something I constantly contend with. And now I can’t even nurish my own child. What is there to love about this stuff?

Sure it tastes good. That lasts for all a few seconds while it’s in my mouth. Big Deal! Look at the long term trade off. It’s similar to sin.

The Bible says there is pleasure in sin for a season, but the end is death. I don’t watch movies with fornication, language, or witchcraft in them. Someone may tell me about a movie that is so good that I just “have to watch it.” But I look at what is in the movie and say, “no way!” It’s easy for me. Why? Because I understand that although I may enjoy the pleasure of sin for the moments that I am indulging, it’s not worth the eternal consequences to me. I hate sin. I hate evil. Not because it isn’t fun or enjoyable, but because of the ETERNAL destruction it will cause my soul.

I now feel the same way about food. I don’t want milk. I don’t want cheese. I don’t want pasta or bread. Why? Oh, I know it tastes good. But it’s not worth the INTERNAL destruction it will cause my body.

For dinner last night I had a salad with no croutons or cheese. I got up at four in the morning and wanted to drink some milk. So I poured both gallons down the drain! For breakfast I made oatmeal and drank a fruit smoothie. For lunch, I ate a vegetable stir fry with beans for protein, served on top of rice. (I know that some of the things I just listed have problems with them. But it’s all I have in the house right now. It’s about progress, not perfection.) I have already lost 4 pounds. No lie.

I love gulping cold milk before bed…

I love the ease of eating out when in a hurry…

I love the sweetness and fun of cookies, cakes, and candy…

…But I love myself and my family more!


2 responses

  1. So interesting that you were told that about digestion and milk, because it’s something I recently wondered about. I have poor digestion. The ND I have started seeing for my kidney disease told me that my kidneys will heal better when they can get more nutrients, so we have to work on my digestion. Then I thought about milk…has my milk been of lesser quality all this time because of my poor digestion? Is that why my son isn’t as healthy as breastfed kids are *supposed* to be? And I thought of all the mothers who quit nursing because they were told their milk was no good–did they have poor diets/digestive issues? I think this is vitally important information.

    As for the dairy and gluten…yes, give it up if you have, too, but there is an alternative: raw dairy, and soaked grains. I am just learning the benefits of these. I bought my first batch of raw milk yesterday, and instead of bloating like I do with pasteurized milk, I felt really good. There is a remarkable difference.

    There are so many things you can do to heal your gut. Do you see a naturopath? Enzymes are very important for good digestion, and are destroyed by heat, so raw foods are important. Herbs have wonderful healing properties. Exercise (as simple as going for a walk every day) also improves digestion.

    You are right, taking care of our bodies, our temples is something we are required to do. But it’s so hard in our culture. So, so hard. Be gentle with yourself as you make changes.

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