“I Should’ve Listened to Cee”

The support and encouragement I have received since I posted “My Last Shot” is unbelievable! Thank you! Thank you so much for all the good information!!!!! I am really starting to think that I might actually have a good shot at nursing Ruby Sue.

One of the comments on the post mentioned earlier referenced a blog post from Jennifer Tow. She is brillant! Here it is, if you are interested:


After reading this wonderful post, I have begun to access my family’s lifestyle, our health problems, etc. Ruby in particular. (Warning: we are about to talk about feces… if you have a weak stomach, you may want to stop reading now).

Ruby’s bowel movements have never been the mustard looking breastfed baby poop. She has never had them everyday. They are a dark brown. They have form to them. I don’t even know how to discribe it. The best thing I can come up with is it looks like mashed peas mixed in with heavy whipping cream…. but brown of course. She usually goes 3-7 days without pooping. Then has 2-3 poops in the same day.

OBVIOUSLY, we have a guy problem. I just never realized this until reading the above post. I’ve been told that there’s such a wide range of normal that it’s not a big deal. But just because something is normal, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

So I googled “intestinal flora of babies” to see what might be the problem. And I found this:

“Infants with Poor Intestinal Flora Often Develop Eczema”

and this:

Basic Information on Probiotics, How They Help US”

The last one is a series of pages of information on intestinal flora. There are several of them but they are generally short.

What I learned by reading these is that I SHOULD’VE LISTENED TO CEE.

Cecilia Mitchell (aka. Cee) was my Bradley Birth Instructor. Another brillant woman that Lord graciously brought into my life. She said several times during our classes, “You need to get probiotics and take them before you have the baby and continue to take them. It will keep you from getting thrush, among other things.”

Thrush, shmush. I’ve never had a yeast infestion. What does she know? Crazy hippy, tree-hugger.

Well, she knows A LOT apparantly. I didn’t get thrush… but the “among other things” is what has my attention now. You know what I did? I bought the exact probiotics the woman told us about. But I never took them. “Why?” You ask. BECAUSE I’M STUPID, THAT’S WHY!

I trust the process. My thinking was “whatever bacteria the baby needs in her system, she will NATURALLY acquire thru her life. That’s REAL natural thinking.” In my mind I would tell myself this and pat myself on the back and say, “good going, girl. That’s the ticket!” Until last night and today….

Newsflash: We don’t live in a NATURAL society. Nothing is natural about it. Our food is processed. Our meats and dairies are from sick animals pumped full of hormones, given foods that are not designed for their digestive tracks, and are on a load of antibiotics to hide the fact they are so sick. We spray pure poison on ourselves when we use cologne (I wonder how many I’m going to offend with that one..). I recently read in KIWI magazine about genetically engineered vegetables. Now we’ve all heard about this, right? And we’re all made to believe that we are genetically modifiying our food so it will grow bigger, right? WRONG! What I read shocked me beyond belief. The genetic engineering they did was to alter the makeup of corn, squash, and zucchini so that instead of spraying the crops with pesticide, THE PESTICIDE IS CONTAINED WITHIN THE VEGETABLE ITSELF!!! The pesticide is now part of the corn. You can’t wash that off! We are eating pesticides. It has already been known to cause a number of health problems and even barrenness in women. But the FDA still approved it and is looking into approving more vegetables with the same engineering.


That’s not the full article. I have the full article in the magazine itself here at my house.

Moving On:

In my research into the intestinal flora of babies, I have read that there are three main ones mentioned. Lactobacili, Acidophilus, and Bifidus. I already own two of the three of these probiotics. Cee told me to use them and I just didn’t take them. And yet again, I tell myself…

“I should have listened to Cee.”


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