More Hope & More Options Than I Previously Thought

I can’t believe the support that I’ve been getting through this blog already! And it’s not even been live 24 hours! OMW! I should have done this MONTHS AGO!

Earlier today I had a total emotional meltdown. I even wrote this awful, depressing poem that I’m not gonna share (and least not yet). But with all the support and ideas that have been flooding in…. I’m realizing I still have hope and options!

So here’s what’s come in so far and the game plan I’ve come up with:

  • Someone suggested I make my own Supplemental Nursing System b/c it’s easier to use than Medela’s SNS. I’m going to try that. Click here for the info on how to one.
  • Then Cecilia Mitchell sent me a link to her page with some tips on getting a “nipple confused” baby back to the breast. I see from all the advise on there and I am not keeping Ruby skin-to-skin as much as I should be. So I’m closing all the blinds of the house, turning the thermostat up, grabbing my Maya Wrap ring sling and gonna stay skin-to-skin.
  • Also on that same page is an idea about how to feed the baby the bottle:

“When my son became nipple confused after only a couple of days using bottles at his caregiver’s, I “tricked” him into taking the breast. First of all, I held him in the cradle hold as if I were going to nurse, but I put a pacifier in his mouth. After he had sucked on the pacifier a few times, I pulled it from his mouth and placed my nipple close to his face. He rooted around and latched on. I had to do this a few times before he sucked enough to get my milk to let down. Once it started flowing, he nursed enthusiastically. I had to use this method several evenings in a row until he figured out that he could get Mommy milk from *either* a bottle or my breast. I don’t know exactly how it worked, but my logic was that he would realize that all artificial nipples didn’t bring him milk and that there was milk in Mommy’s breasts.”

I don’t have a pacifier and she’s never taken it but I can still give the bottle this way. I nurse Ruby in football position. It’s the only way she’s ever let me nurse her. So I guess we’re gonna give a bottle like this too. (Whatever works, right?)

  • I have found my aromatherapy shoulders heating pad that my mom bought me for Christmas. It keeps me relaxed. The scents help calm my nervous and actually put me in a much better mood. When pumping, i can slide it down to my breasts to get a better let down.
  • Gonna sleep skin-to-skin with Ruby tonight and for the next several nights.
So hopefully doing these things will help prepare Ruby for the big day that we meet with the lovely Kristen Gartner to try out the German nipple shields. We are supposed to meet when they come in. Possibly Monday.

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