How to Make Your Own Supplemental Nursing System

Thanks to Lori Gibson Lee for this information.

We ordered feeding tubes from a squirrel rescue website. I know that sounds weird, but anyone can buy them from there, if you get them from a medical supply place, you have to have a medical license. We ordered the 5-French, 16-inch. You will need 10 cc syringes, at least 2.

Basically, you fill the syringes and attach the feeding tube to the end. Once baby is latched, you slip the end of the feeding tube into the corner of the mouth, trying not to let it get between nipple and tongue. If you get it in just the right spot, a vacuum forms and the baby actually sucks the milk right down the tube. If not, you can plunge the syringe slowly.

Once you and the baby get used to doing it, it’s really easy, but it’s a learning curve, so be patient. You can order the syringes from the squirrel place, too. I’ve included a link to the place we ordered from. Kristin G. and Heather Harper Palmer both teach moms how to use these.

So there you have it ladies! I hope this can help someone else also! (I wonder if a anyone in town would sells these… let a vet clinic or something…. ummm. Good thing I have a friend that used to work at a vets office. *calling on Melissa*)

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